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Annette Tatum

Santa Monica, CA based Annette is the creator of the interior decor lines, House, Little House and Annette Tatum Collections. She is also the author of The Well-Dressed Home, which features her universal style guide for translating your sense of fashion into home design.

Plaid and Paisley Nursery Decor

Plaid and Paisley

Plaid and paisley sound like the perfect couple—just the right pedigree with the ability to re-invent. When used separately, each pattern can make a bold statement in a room or add interest as an accent piece. […]

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Nursery with Star Wallpaper

Stars and Stripes

There is something to be said for style that’s inspired by Americana—it’s the kind of design that evokes memories of summer, parades and everything fun. Nothing says Americana like stars and stripes […]

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