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My husband and I have two children now - Anna Drake who was born in October 2011 and Bear who born in May 2014. I have loved designing their rooms and throwing parties for them! Project Nursery and Junior have been great resources.

Bear’s Preppy Plaid Nursery Fit for a King

We’re mad for plaid in Bear’s nursery, where a Roth + Tompkins bold Burnett Plaid takes center stage draping from an iron crown above the crib.  The rest of the room is finished off with classic sports memorabilia, from the fox hunting prints to the rackets that belonged to Bear’s grandfather when he was a student at the United States Naval Academy.
All photography was done by the talented Ben Finch of Finch Photography.

Anna Drake’s Toddler Room – Upholstered Twin Headboards

We moved our toddler from her crib into a big girl bed a few months before her baby brother was due to arrive.  We held onto the bright coral from her elephant themed nursery, and added a light Caribbean turquoise blue as an accent.  Since her bedroom is so large, we went with two twin beds.  While that meant twice the work, it pays off!  I love the look of two twin beds, side-by-side.
*All photography was done by Ben Finch of Finch Photography.

Elephants and Coral Umbrellas

I wanted to create a unique nursery for my baby girl that would grow with her, but still incorporate a bit of whimsy.  Rather than choose a theme, my design of this nursery developed organically, as I found various pieces that would work together without appearing too “matchy-matchy.”  Working with a variety of shades of gray was a learning experience – who knew there were so many?  And finding the perfect punchy coral color might as well be akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.  Fortunately, I met a lot of helpful people along the way who turned my dreams into reality.  Thanks to the other Project Nursery members for sharing their design ideas.  Those too served as great sources of inspiration!