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The Pink Gypsy

This is my creative outlet planning parties for my boys and friends!!

Modern Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Party

My youngest was turning four and I thought, this is it if I want one more party that I get to choose the theme I had better go for it! I really loved the wild things theme but everything I was seeing was staying true to the book colors. There were some great parties that had already been done and I didn’t want it to look like something everyone had already seen so I dreamed up a modern version! I contacted a local artist to do a custom piece, and really loved the way it turned out! The party activity was painting a sail boat just like the one Max sailed in the book. The birthday boy had a great time and was on a sugar high for two days!


Karter’s 2nd Term Campaign Birthday

For my son Karter’s 2nd birthday I wanted to do a voting theme since it was a voting year and Karter’s birthday is late June close to the 4th of July. I contacted Unvitation to Mars in Etsy to do my custom invite and campaign signs. Since the party was right around the 4th decorations where easy to find. I found the paper fans and gingham paper plates at The Dollar Tree and borrowed the rest from friends!

Karter’s Farmers Market Birthday Party

Up until I found the invitations I thought I was having a farm theme party for my son’s 3rd birthday. I fell in LOVE with the invites on ETSY, I couldn’t stop thinking about a Farmers Market theme!! It all just came together after that. I had the tablecloths custom made by Sarah on ETSY, she was just a joy to work with and on a time restriction! I borrowed a lot of the décor from family and friends, and stole things off my own walls at home! I purchased the eggs from a local chicken farmer and the morning before the party Amber and I went to the local farmers market to stock up on party decorations! The back drop is just premade garden fence from Lowes and packets of seeds from the Dollar Tree. My husband went the morning of the party and cut wild sunflowers from my in-laws property. Barn plans from Mr McGroovy’s box rivets, they always turn out great! Over all this was one of my favorite parties to date!!

Glamorous Circus Baby Shower

I am in LOVE with the gold mylar balloon trend and had to use them for a baby shower we hosted for a friend. Once I decided to go with a circus theme it all fell into place! We offer the jazzed up circus animals in our ETSY store in mini and jumbo size. The clear glass vases someone gave me, the baby bottles were from The Dollar Tree, I made the cotton candy holder from the Kraft boxes at Hobby Lobby and added gold glitter and wrapping paper. One of my favorite things about the shower were the invites, I designed the paper part them ordered the balloons from, they were really great to work with and I only ordered 50!!

Vintage Pirate Birthday

When my son asked for a pirate party I was super excited then stumped! I wanted to do something great but I didn’t have anything for a pirate party! Or so I thought! My dad bought me some whiskey barrels for my Christmas present, my mom and brother made the cannon balls and my father-in-law built me the crates!! I used a lot of our Halloween decorations and reused the root beer bottles used for the last wedding we styled! My friend Heather made the cake and Caramel apples, they lasted about 5 seconds!! Everything was either a DIY or stuff I already had!