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The Pink Gypsy

This is my creative outlet planning parties for my boys and friends!!

Vintage Ghostbusters Party

When the new The Ghostbusters movie came out my son got really excited and said he wanted a Ghostbusters party this year. I thought yeah that will be a fun theme to do! Little did I know that there really isn’t much in the way of party décor for The Ghostbusters so I did several DIY projects and just kinda winged it! My one goal was to try and do the entire party without any lime green slime! After looking on Etsy, Amazon and Ebay I finally scored the Ghostbusters dolls on Ebay for a small fortune… Keeping that little detail from the husband, I really wanted to used ghost traps and found a couple of places on Etsy that had paper versions but I wanted something that could be used as centerpieces. After a couple of weeks looking online and really thinking it though I just decided to try and make my own. I purchased wooden wine boxes on turned them upside down and painted them. I went to a local hardware store and bought anything I thought looked like it could belong on a ghost trap. They all turned out differently since I used random things! I didn’t get any ghost balloons ordered in time so I just drew ghost faces on plain white balloons. I wanted it to look like the ghosts where being sucked into the ghost trap! For the chalkboard I borrowed a friends handheld projector and just traced it on. Had to have my sister in law come over and use her teacher handwriting since mine looked like a 3rd grader did it! After debating on the kids activity/favor I ordered marshmallow shooters off of Amazon. Not my brightest idea, they stuck to the floor and where a pain to get off! But both the kids and some of the adult “kids” had a BLAST!!
Ghostbusters Dolls – Ebay
Ecto Car picture – ETSY
ECTO license plate – DIY use the projector again
Marshmallow shooters – Amazon
Ghost traps – DIY  can be found in our ETSY store soon
Wooden wine boxes (ghost traps) –

Girly Flag Football Party

Living in an all boy household I am usually super excited when my niece’s b-day rolls around since I get to do something really girly and cute. But my niece who is the cutest thing you have ever seen has decided she no longer wants to wear dresses or anything girly whatsoever….. (insert tear) so I had to rethink my plan… I just purchased a new t-shirt for football season from a local shop called The Hayloft, the shirt is black with white writing saying Down Set What?. A few months ago I found the cutest digital cliparts and paper from The Cheeky Darling on Etsy and found them in my favorites again while looking for ideas for my niece. A girly flag football game was born!!!! I was in love with the idea and my bro and sister-in-law loved it too! They have a big side yard that we spray painted the football lines and make the goal posts from PVC plumbing pipe. I found the football helmet at a flea market, used acrylic paint from Walmart and painted it lime green. The football statue I bought several years ago from Hobby Lobby and spray painted it with some left over paint from another project. The canvas was a DIY project. I found the pom poms, foam fingers and small megaphones on I designed the invites from the digital package from The Cheeky Darling on Etsy. All of the kids had a blast playing football or cheering on the teams!
Party Styling, invitation, rentals, DIYs and photography: The Pink Gypsy
Instagram: @the_pink_gypsy
Facebook: andreaandamberspartiesandphotos
Cake and caramel apples: My friend and baker; Heather Miller
Football Digital Cliparts: The Cheeky Darling on Etsy
Pom Poms, foam fingers, pink whistles and small megaphones – Oriental Trading
Large megaphones –

Copper and Woodland Baby Shower

For my party planner in crime’s 2nd baby she decided she wanted a small shower with not much fuss. I have been seeing the copper trend floating around party world and really wanted to use it. I saw some copper and wood cake stands on Anthropologie’s website a couple of months before that but they were sold out!! I searched the Internet and found some at Green Outfitters at really good price! I came across the copper terrariums at Joann Fabrics and got 30% off! Purchased the succulents at my local Walmart and raided my kids playroom for the animals. Karter my youngest was sceptical about letting mommy borrow his animals he thought I was going to paint and sell them in my ETSY shop! I bought the buffalo plaid fabric at Hobby Lobby to make the table runners and my sewing machine broke before I even finished one!! So I just folded twice and ironed! Napkin rings are actually copper pipe pieces from The Home Depot!! Since the baby shower was held at a restaurant there wasn’t a lot of room for activities so we had guests draw and color wooden blocks from Hobby Lobby. I purchased the globe at Target in the left over graduation section on clearance and used mod podge to glue the mountains and clouds. The copper “vases” are really pencil holders from Target!! Pretty happy with the way it turned out!! Can’t wait to meet the newest member of our boy band!