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Amber Sokolowski

I am a soon-to-be Mom to a baby girl named Mila and interior designer who recently started her own business.

Mila’s Sweet Boho Nursery

As a new interior designer and first time mother, when I found out I was having a baby girl I was beyond thrilled and wanted to take the opportunity to design the feminine nursery of my dreams! It was the perfect excuse to embrace my love of the color pink and use gold accents.
We also recently move into a new home, which we renovated, so our budget was tight. I was able to complete the nursery for under $1500! I purchased the crib, dresser, glider, and rug from All Modern and most of the decorative pieces from Etsy, Ikea, and Home Goods. I was also able to repurpose a few items I had in the garage and used some great flea market finds.
My vision for the nursery was to make it a little bohemian, glam, unique and comfortable…which made the result very eclectic, in my opinion. I also wanted it to be adaptable, if we decide to make a change or not to use so much pink in the future, it’s an easy switch since the staple pieces are neutral and all wall decals are removable. One of my favorite elements in the nursery ended up being the chandelier. Originally I intended to use a pricey gold urchin pendant that was beautiful. However, due to budget constraints I ended up going with a very affordable fixture from Ikea and I love it! It feels very light and airy, and perfect for a whimsical nursery. Another favorite of mine is the dresser. I didn’t like the stainless knobs that originally came with it and I searched all over to find just the right replacement. Eventually I saw these cute wooden knobs in the clearance section at Home Goods and snatched them up immediately. I love the clearance section.
There is so much to worry about and plan for when expecting a baby, it’s nice to have been able to complete the nursery of my dreams and know that I didn’t “break the bank.” We can’t wait for our little baby Mila to arrive in January!