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Alyssa Volp-Crocker

Hi, I’m Alyssa and I’m a wife and mother of two beautiful children. Just a little Sparkle was founded in 2010 and created after many years of my passion for parties. I am a Party Stylist and design printable party items. This is to help you create a beautiful party for your loved ones and for the DIY’r in all of us.

Dollie and Me

This was a fun party for me to plan because when I was a little girl, American Girl had just come out and I was so excited when I opened my doll for Christmas. (which I’ve now passed onto my daughter.) I remember really loving these dolls and what they stood for. They had great books that talked about not only cultural and history, but feelings that young kids may be going through to. Now the store is huge and if you have a little girl, I’m sure you’re well aware of the dolls and all the different accessories, books and furniture they offer.
Like me when I was little, my daughter is really into her “Lea” and “Julie” dolls. So she wanted nothing other than an American Girl party this year for her birthday. So I started planning and thinking about all the stuff that comes with the dolls. Luckily, my mom had kept over the years several of my “Molly” stuff I had collected when I was little. So I was able to incorporate some of that into the party. I used my old clothes trunk and books for some pieces to showcase. Below is an original Pleasanton Company, American Doll books. I have a lot and I didn’t want to ruin them so I used them as risers throughout the dessert table.
On the Dessert table, I had found these “house type” shelves from a local craft store. Thought they made a perfect addition to the dessert table with that Dollhouse feel. Afterwards, I ended up putting them up on my daughter’s walls in her room.
I didn’t want to have just all dessert for the kids, so I set up a snack section. I set up this doll house I had. I embellished it to have it coordinate with the theme, added the water bottles, gold fish and fruit cups. By the way, goldfish came out with some pink ones, called “Princess” so these were perfect for the colors of the party!
Each child had their own place setting. Plates, Party hats and necklaces were waiting for each kid. I made party hats using the Silhouette Machine. I also purchase these clear plastic sleeves from etsy to add a fun element for the necklaces.  I covered the ends with some tissue fringe and a star. It was an easy and inexpensive party favor.
For the favors, I made each child’s doll a tutu and party hat. The tutus were put into tiny gable boxes. I designed a favor tag, cut a star out and added those to the outside.  I also made bookmarks. I laminated those and set them up in a pretty vase. Note, I don’t have a laminating machine and found “Self laminating” sheets at a local office store. They were great for these bookmarks.