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Soon-to-be mom of 3 living in New York City's suburbs. Marketer by day with a secret passion for nursery and kid room design.

Adventure/Travel-Themed Nursery

A pandemic pregnancy inspired our adventure/travel theme. We started with four gray walls and no inspiration for decorating the space. COVID-19 lockdown was just beginning and it didn’t feel like the time to focus on it.
As we got into our routine and started to find the bright spots in the situation, it occurred to us that someday we would have really unique stories to share with our boy about how we prepared for his birth, and we finally found our inspiration. We wanted to create a space for him that reflects our hopes for the world he will get to grow up in – one filled with adventure, experiences, connection and lots of love. We mixed vintage travel with modern industrial elements to create the perfect space for our little man to dream about all his adventures.