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Vintage Nautical Nursery

I grew up spending my summers at our family’s lake house, always out on the water either sailing, swimming or water skiing. The lake is where my husband and I met and eventually got married. It’s nestled in a small town in northern Indiana where the pace is slow and the people are friendly. Growing up I remember my mom used to take me to antique shops around town to find special, one-of-a-kind items to use as decor in the lake house. Our lake house and the small town in northern Indiana inspired the theme for our first baby boy’s nursery. The only item I really splurged on was the crib, because I knew exactly what I wanted. The rest (dresser, side table, book chest, wall art) I found at antique or consignment shops and refurbished to make them match my vision. The best part about the room is that the wallpaper is original to the home (built in 1969!) and it is just perfect.

Felix Nautical Nursery

Having worked with Felix’s parents twice already, to be invited back a third time was pretty special!
I had a great understanding of their style and knew we could try something a little bold….while still remaining a really classic base.
We started with the navy grasscloth wallpaper and added in a beautiful wainscoting base.  Little nautical touches throughout the space incorporate the family’s love with the ocean.

George’s Nautical Nursery

My husband and I love sailing and wanted our little one, George, to enjoy it as well, so we decided a Nautical-Themed Nursery would be a good fit for him.
We have Sail-themed fabrics, art, and details in the nursery, but it is not ‘cheesy’ as far as a theme goes in my opinion.
Since the space was small, I felt like too many colors would be hard to handle visually, so I went for an all-blue theme choosing various shades of blue so that it did not feel matchy-matchy.
I have a two year old, and I am so glad that I did not opt for a very baby-ish nursery for either of my children because the baby stage lasts very quickly.  So that is my best advice for designing a nursery: do not make it too babyish.
Also, because you spend so much time in the nursery, you should make it cozy, cheery, and your own taste.

Nautical Nursery

I have absolutely fallen in love with the way my son’s Nautical Nursery came out! It was was one of those rare occasions when the result matched the vision! I chose to do a true navy blue as I am a fan of strong bold colors and contrasts over soft pale blues. The room we chose for the nursery doesn’t get that much light so i decided to paint two thirds of the wall a bright white to brighten things up a bit. the chair rail sits a little higher than you typically see, but i wanted it to land above the headboard of the crib, and it helped to hide the less than clean line of paint where the navy blue met the white! I’m definitely a sucker for a good well pulled together theme, but i didn’t want anything that leaned too young – so i’m hoping we’ll be able to keep the decor for at least the first 5 years! I have a mixture of splurges and totally affordable pieces i found anywhere from PBK, Restoration Hardware to Hobby Lobby and Home Goods!