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Neutral Arctic Nursery

My partner is a big fan of the Arctic and wanted to incorporate Arctic animals into the nursery. I wanted to keep things more neutral and mid century to to stay in line with the rest of our home. I think we really did a great job of keeping the neutral arctic vibe for our little guy’s nursery.


Vintage Ghostbusters Party

When the new The Ghostbusters movie came out my son got really excited and said he wanted a Ghostbusters party this year. I thought yeah that will be a fun theme to do! Little did I know that there really isn’t much in the way of party décor for The Ghostbusters so I did several DIY projects and just kinda winged it! My one goal was to try and do the entire party without any lime green slime! After looking on Etsy, Amazon and Ebay I finally scored the Ghostbusters dolls on Ebay for a small fortune… Keeping that little detail from the husband, I really wanted to used ghost traps and found a couple of places on Etsy that had paper versions but I wanted something that could be used as centerpieces. After a couple of weeks looking online and really thinking it though I just decided to try and make my own. I purchased wooden wine boxes on turned them upside down and painted them. I went to a local hardware store and bought anything I thought looked like it could belong on a ghost trap. They all turned out differently since I used random things! I didn’t get any ghost balloons ordered in time so I just drew ghost faces on plain white balloons. I wanted it to look like the ghosts where being sucked into the ghost trap! For the chalkboard I borrowed a friends handheld projector and just traced it on. Had to have my sister in law come over and use her teacher handwriting since mine looked like a 3rd grader did it! After debating on the kids activity/favor I ordered marshmallow shooters off of Amazon. Not my brightest idea, they stuck to the floor and where a pain to get off! But both the kids and some of the adult “kids” had a BLAST!!
Ghostbusters Dolls – Ebay
Ecto Car picture – ETSY
ECTO license plate – DIY use the projector again
Marshmallow shooters – Amazon
Ghost traps – DIY  can be found in our ETSY store soon
Wooden wine boxes (ghost traps) –

Vintage/Country Chic Inspired Nursery for Sweet Baby Seda Marie

I have always had a passion for design and renovation so I bet you can imagine my excitement when I found out I was having a little girl. My taste is a blend of vintage/country chic and I knew that was going to be the theme of her room. Being that we ride and own horses and keep several in our back yard, I wanted to add a touch of “cowgirl” to her room without taking away from the luxury feel that I was trying to capture.
The day that I found out I was having a little girl I went to a local vintage shop on my lunch break and found a stunning birdcage chandelier. Once I found this piece I wanted it to be the theme that I designed her room around.
Since we purchased a 30 year old home in Las Vegas (that is considered old in this city), our home has a lot of work that needs to be done, and we have done a lot of upgrades and renovations, but this is the very first room that my husband completely stripped and I designed from complete scratch. Everything in this room was ripped out and replaced aside from the dry wall.
The floors are one of my favorite items about this room. We decided to go with a reclaimed barn wood laminate that is sold by Armstrong flooring. We have this same flooring in our living room except in the original barn wood, and we absolutely love it. So once I found that they sold the same flooring, but in a grey, I knew it would be the perfect fit.
Crown molding and higher baseboards will truly transform a room!
We created her shiplap wall with mdf board we purchased from Home Depot. This installation was very simple. We had Home Depot cut the board for us at 6 inches and we used a nickle for our spacing. I decided to fill in all the nail holes on this wall to go with the luxury feel I wanted for the room itself. We ended up framing her window to continue that farmhouse feel.
My husband made the closet doors himself. We used the original closet door tracks and added hinges to the top to try and create the barn door feel. Since these were barn doors, I left all the nail holes exposed to go with the “cowgirl” feel I wanted for the room. The building of these doors, hinges and handles cost us approximately $120.
Another focal point that I think helps tie this room together are her picture frames above her bed. When we did our pregnancy announcement, a friend of mine, Jenet Haley, took some stunning photos of two of our horses. We printed her shots in black and white and used them to fill the frames we purchased from RH Baby. Keeping the images in black and white kept everything feeling feminine.
We were lucky enough to find the perfect vintage provincial dresser on craigslist that we refinished in a grey and white and kept the original hardware. I found the mercury glass mirror at Home Goods and the two items worked out perfectly for her room.
Everything about this room is just perfect to me. I can easily say Seda has the best room in the house (as it should be). I had hopes to create a room for her that she could grow up in. I didn’t want a “baby” feel that I would have to modify in a few years. This room can easily be a baby’s room, a little girls room and a young lady’s room. Both my husband (the handyman behind it all) and myself, take a lot of pride in this room and spent many hours in here enjoying what we made before we welcomed our sweet baby girl.

Jackson’s Rustic Nursery

This is Jackson’s nursery. I get so excited when I get to put together a space for my little ones. I find it important for my boys to have something that no one else does; something unique. And for that reason, I make about 90% of the things in my son’s rooms. For Jackson’s nursery, I wanted something that was kind of rustic and vintage looking but still sweet for a baby. It is kind of a hodgepodge of ideas and patterns but I feel it works. It is mainly themed with vintage bicycles but has some ABC’s mixed in. I loved creating it and I hope you enjoy it too.

Vintage Biplane Nursery

Parkers Vintage Biplane Nursery

Vintage Biplane. I chose to go for a more mature nursery theme and something baby Parker could grow into and enjoy for years to come.  I love the classic colors and vintage feel of the room, but also love the crisp lines and modern style.


Gender Neutral Eclectic Nursery

My husband and I waited five year before finally successfully conceiving. With a little help from science and lots of patience we were expecting our first child. It was so surreal at the time to be decorating a nursery. I felt the room had to be very personal and somewhat reflect our life style that would soon be welcoming this tiny human into our family.

Vintage Glam Nursery

Everly Kate’s Vintage Glam Nursery

This vintage glam nursery was designed for my baby girl, Everly Kate. I wanted to welcome her home with a vintage glam nursery that was timeless and sophisticated, yet functional.


Cruz’s Vintage Baseball Nursery

When we first learned we were pregnant, my hubby and I made an agreement: I it’s a girl I get a chandelier – if it’s a boy he gets a baseball theme. Since I myself am not much of a sports fan, I had to get creative. I wanted a room that would make my sports fanatic hubby happy, but something I could enjoy as well – so I decided to go with a “Vintage” baseball theme.

Camping Themed 1st Birthday

Camp Nash – A Camping Themed 1st Birthday

Nash’s camping themed 1st birthday party was such a treat to plan! The theme was easy to stick with, and I was able to piece most of it together with things I already had. We also lucked out with a beautiful fall day in Kansas!


Black + White + All the Colors Gender Neutral Nursery

While I was pregnant, my husband and I decided early on to wait until our baby’s birth to find out the gender. Because of this, deciding how to decorate a nursery was a bit of a challenge. Neutrals are great, but being someone who loves color and lots of it, I knew an all white and gray nursery wasn’t for me. I decided to decorate the nursery in black, white, and grey with lots of patterns and textures and throw in the whole color wheel to brighten things up.


Margaret’s Tiny, Vintage Nursery

My husband is in the military so we move a lot and consequently rent our home which means we can’t do any dramatic or permanent decorating.  This nursery had the additional challenge of being tiny–the previous renters had actually been using it as a walk-in closet tiny.  This was our first daughter after three boys so I wasn’t going to let a little thing like size stop me from making her nursery adorable.  And certainly not “gender neutral” :)

Floral and Gold Nursery

Baby Sloan’s Floral and Gold Nursery

I wanted a nursery that our daughter could grow into. I didn’t want a “theme” or “color” but I had a vision in my head of what I wanted it to look like. I began with the wallpaper accent wall and knew I wanted gold accents and then went from there. The overall look was exactly what I wanted to achieve, bright and airy with the right amount femininity.


Owen’s Nautical Nursery

Owen’s nursery is a sophisticated, gender neutral Nautical Nursery inspired by my father’s love of all things lake related! Growing up around water is such a fond memory of mine that I wanted to pass it on to Owen.


Frankie Rose’s Illustrated Nursery

Frankie’s nursery is very small — just 6′ x 9′ — so we needed to stick to the bare essentials while also making sure the room could be used for a variety of activities, like sleeping, playing, nursing, and changing, since the rest of our house is equally tight on space.


Simple and Serene Ocean Inspired Nursery

Putting together my sweet baby girl’s ocean inspired nursery was hands down the most fun home decorating project I’ve ever tackled. I wanted to create a space that was simple, airy, feminine, and modern. It’s easily my favorite room in the house.


Webb’s Gender Neutral Rustic Modern Nursery

For our second son’s nursery we were using a former guest room that gets a lot of light, so we wanted to keep the palette neutral, airy, and mature. We didn’t want to be tied down by a set theme, but decided that rustic, barn-inspired accents would make it feel a little more masculine.