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Hot Air Balloon Theme Nursery Room View

Up, Up & Away…

This DIY nursery came together over the past several months, due to lots of hard work from me, my mom and my husband. I couldn’t be more pleased. If only my photos could really do it justice.

Colorful Owl Nursery

This is a second, more colorful take on Landon’s original nursery ( ).  We spent his first year sharing a room at my parent’s house, and when he turned one we moved into a place of our own!  I kept most of the same things but changed and added a few things.
In the original nursery I really wanted to use a bright, fun paint color for the walls but it didn’t really work with the decal I chose.  So in the new nursery I made sure to chose the paint color first and the wall decal second.
Basically, it is his original nursery perfected :)
(I also included pictures of his bathroom decor since it’s connected to his room and it goes with the theme.)

Oliver’s Perfect Nursery

We put more time and thought into this nursery than I thought possible! After a two and a half year journey ending in fertility treatments, I think I was so overjoyed to finally be pregnant that I felt like every detail had to be perfect! And it is!! :) With the artistic talents of my husband’s mom and grandma, we were even lucky enough to get a custom mural and some excellent design advice on the way, too!