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Season’s Change: Chloe & Tessa’s Big Girl Room

It was time for Chloe & Tessa to move out of their cribs and get a big girl’s room.  Their mother wanted something fun and creative and had the idea that the room change as the seasons change.  Using that concept I came up with the idea of using a tree decal on the focal wall.  In the spring & summer flowers bloom and butterflies flurry through the air.  In the fall we add colorful leaves, owls and lovely birds.  In the winter the room becomes a winter wonderland, the leaves all turn white and glittery snowflakes appear.

Girly Chevron and Polka Dots

For me, the nursery planning started the moment when I found out this little bean, my third after having two boys, was a girl! I had ooo’d and aww’d over many a baby girl nursery before but never thought i’d be decorating one of my own one day. In my mind, I was always destined to have 3 boys! 
I knew right off the bat I wanted purple and turquoise, and I new I wanted chevron and polka dots… so I headed straight to Etsy for inspiration. Most people head to pinterest, I know I know, I’m just an Etsy girl.
I thought starting with the perfect bedding would be a good place to start and after endlessly searching I could not find a set that had everything I was looking for to save my life. Hmph. So I had to switch gears, I had to think outside of the box.. I went to a fabric site instead. After a lot of trial and error I finally came up with an inspiration board of fabrics that I knew I would love…. and the rest fell into place with the help of some seriously knock-your-socks-off vendors, a few fun DIY projects, and a lot of love <3

Girl Nest Nursery Wall Art

Raegan’s Nest

This is Raegan’s nursery.  She was born in April 2013.  She is my little spring baby so I loved the owls and birds theme.

Boy Green and Blue Nursery Room View

Grant’s Nursery

Since we moved to our house we always knew this was going to be the baby’s room. We love the way it was design. We also had in mind the owl theme. We took our time to put it together and we looked in different places to find what we wanted. My husband has been deployed but he had put as much effort to make it come together and once he comes back he will so glad of how it turned out.

Girl Shabby Chic Hot PInk and Aqua Nursery Room View

Arabella’s Pink and Turquoise Nursery

The moment I found out I was having a girl, I  knew I wanted her room to be girly and nothing themed! I began searching  online for inspiration and the Finley bedding was what kept catching my attention. I kept with the colors in the bedding for the wall color and other accents in the room.

Girl Gray, Pink, and Turquoise Nursery Room View

Ayla’s Nursery

Ayla’s room is, in my opinion, girly – without being overwhelming or cartoony. I wanted something that would grow well with her, and that had items that could be replaced and still easily matched.

J is for Jammin’…I mean Jack

This is a nursery that my wife and I designed for our son Jack.  My wife was gracious enough to give me a lot of creative control over the design features so this is really my first attempt at designing a room

Modern + Vintage Eclectic Baby Boy Nursery

This nursery was a DIY project with many items from, online vendors, and handmade by family.  I wanted a modern, eclectic feel, with some vintage touches, without a specific theme for our new baby boy.  The animal photos are simple, beautiful and educational, while the remainder of the outdoor-feel decor was inspired by some of my favorite things – trees, flowers, and plants.
We had a relatively small space to work with, and needed to make the most of our storage space – accounting for the chest of drawers doubling as a changing station, and the hanging hamper and shelf with books and hooks for other practical hanging items.  Enjoy and be inspired!

Carter’s Owl Nursery

This is my son’s nursery. We did not want to have a typical “boy” room. We wanted to create a room with calm and relaxing colors.

Maya’s Pretty Retreat

I had to keep in mind that we would be moving in less than a year. So, I had to keep the walls neutral and the budget low. But, I still wanted to enjoy the space.

Emerson’s Pink and Turquoise Nursery

A nursery filled with fun girl colors… All different shades of pink and turquoise.  Also accessorized with timeless accents that will grow with the little one.

DIY Nursery with Modern and Vintage Elements

This nursery is a mixture of modern, vintage and DIY. I loosely tied in a forest animal theme, however, it was important to me not to be constricted by the theme or make it match too much. I also didn’t want to make it a stereotypical boy’s room, instead favoring a gender neutral feel. Another thing I should mention is that this room was created on a budget and whenever possible I reused and recycled items I already had.

Woodland Nursery for Baby Girl

My husband and I share a passion for climbing and being outdoors, and we knew from the beginning that we wanted to incorporate those two things into the nursery. I began planning for the theme before we knew the gender of the baby, so I wanted most of the decorations to remain gender neutral but bringing in feminine/masculine colors once we found out. We were elated to find out that we were having a girl!
The room is quite small, only 10×10, but I’m glad we were able to get all the essential furniture in there.

David’s Nest

Neutral, cheerful, cozy room, suitable for both genders and easily adaptable to any age.

Ayana’s Sweet and Modern Room

I am a lover of contemporary living. Ever since I thought of making our daughter’s nursery I was looking for something that looks modern and contemporary. After my rigorous research I finally settled down to “Gray and Yellow” theme, Gray was to give the room that elegance and Yellow was to diffuse that freshness and incandescence for a girl’s room. I loved how the combination was vivid as well as graceful.
However, I wanted to keep a balance between splurging for the nursery and ‘thinking too much’. I think I was able to get to it finally!
Thanks to my husband AJ for taking wonderful shots of the nursery!

Peyton’s Nursery

This is a nursery for my baby girl. It started as a neutral room, because we didn’t know the sex. We then added pink accents after peyton was born.