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Toddlers Room

I wanted to motivate my toddler to sleep in his bed all night and not come to mamas room so I re did his room and so far it has worked!


Fun and Playful Little Boy Room

This was the first room we renovated when we moved into this house. Our son no longer needed a crib, so I knew I wanted to do a room that fit his personality, which is fun and playful! I stuck with the neutral white, but went with bright color accents! I love how it turned out! Follow @bugandotterhome for sources and more inspiration.

Main Shot

Leosaurus Kids Room

My project started with a post I recently saw on IG @projectnursery of a baby’s room with a modern green wall.  I almost instantly decided to revamp my toddler’s room to fit his evolving interests and personality.  Leo loves dinosaurs, but I wanted to keep the theme subtle, clean and modern, accenting only in the bedding and wall decals.
The triangle shelves were custom made by a shop on and it pairs perfectly with the walnut finish dresser from PB Teen. The Jurassic bedding and upholstered bed are from Pottery Barn Kids and the kitchen play set is from Ikea. The wall color is Artichoke from Sherwin Williams and, while it is warm and calming, it is also a nod to the dino theme.
We are all so happy with the update. Thanks for the inspo Project Nursery!!

Surfer Bedroom

Catch the Wave! Maverick’s Big Boy ‘Cali Surf’ Room Update

Three and a half years ago (tear…), I posted photos of Maverick’s Nautical Nursery, which I had designed.  I used a pale blue and white color palette and accented the room with sailing decor – sailboats, a boat helm, anchors, and other nautical elements. I adored this room!!!  Cut to three and a half years later – Maverick is now a busy boy, and we decided that it was finally time for a big boy bed!  I wanted to change up his room slightly, but not a full on overhaul. Think of it as a mini-makeover of sorts.  I wanted to keep the same paint on the walls, curtains, carpet, and sofa.  I thought long and hard about a type of room that I could make for him while still keeping with his original color scheme for the most part when finally it hit me!
When Maverick when born, a friend of mine had given me a book called, quite simply “Maverick’s”.  It’s a book about the aforementioned surfing location in northern California and how its huge winter waves attract the world’s best big wave surfers.  I’d had this book sitting on a shelf in Mav’s nursery, and when I was looking to do an update for his room, I knew that this could be a great starting point for a theme! A California Surf themed room for our Maverick would be perfect!  I mean, why not? His name is Maverick, we live in California, he loves the beach, and maybe someday he’ll love to surf!
Like I said before, I only wanted to change out accessories and decor for his big boy room update.  I added in a darker navy blue color as well, in an effort to make his room seem less like a nursery.  We swapped out his crib for a full size bed, removed his baby changing table, moved his sofa/rocker, changed out hardware on the cabinets, and added new surf themed accessories and decor.
I love that his new bed has a coastal look to it, along with the “dogs on surfboards” sheets which Mav loves!  These items, along with awesome giant plush octopus, are all from Pottery Barn Kids.
Most of the decorative accessories were found at Homegoods.  They have a truly awesome “coastal’ decor section that I wanted to go bananas in.  I found the surfboard (the one above his bed) there.  It was painted in different colors and I simply repainted it to match his room.  I then re-used his rope name letters (which used to hang above his old crib) and mounted those to the surfboard.  It really gives them a completely different feel, but they still work with the theme of his room!
I did have some fun with a little DIY project I spied on Pinterest – I made the little mason jar with the VW bus, shell, sand, and palm tree in it.  Isn’t it cute?  Perfect for his nightstand.  I made sure to glue that lid shut, too!
I love how his whole room came together!  It’s proof that you don’t totally have to re-do a room to make it look like a different place.  The last picture in the reel shows the before in after of Maverick’s room!

Canopy and Butterflies Toddler Room

Canopy and Butterflies Toddler Room

Early this year we moved into our new home and immediately I set my eyes on my toddler room for a quick makeover. The room was originally painted tan, which made the space feel with no character and has two entry doors. We closed on, and painted the room a cute turquoise. The starting point was the colorful pillow case found on, with a pattern as butterflies. Since the room has some existing build-in cabinet, I decided to remove only the center doors to use them as an open shelving area for stuffed animals and toys. The rest of those cabinets’ doors are used as closet. We added a ceiling medallion and a ceiling fan, and some black-out shades. The room did not really have a solid wall to have the bed, so I decided to get a canopy bed and this is now the focal point.
After few days we were able to completely redo her room and turn it into something colorful, bright and cute! She is since so happy about her room and love to play there!

Elegant DIY Pink and Cream Toddler Room

Ryan Cathleen’s Elegant DIY Pink and Cream Toddler Room

This is my eldest daughter Ryan’s romantic pink and cream nursery turned toddler room.  It is the perfect room for any little girl filled with all kinds of fun things to play with but put together in a decorative way that is pleasing to the eye.


Big Girl Neverland Room!

I wanted to create a whimsical and fun big girl Neverland room for my little girl who just became a big sister.  I wanted her to be excited about the new space (and not jealous of the baby who would soon be in her old nursery) and help her embrace being a girl girl (toddler bed)!  The teepee, tons of accessible books, and fun dress-up clothes and toys around the room, there is endless fun and imagination ahead!


Big Boy Blue and Red Bedroom

A blue and red room for a toddler boy that combines several themes – cars, airplanes, animals, and superheroes.

Modern Toddler Boy Room with Striped Ceiling

Graphic and Modern Toddler Boy Room

My clients are a busy professional couple with a delightful toddler boy. He had been nestled in the landing below their third-floor bedroom, the space was cozy with just enough room for a crib and a chest of drawers. When Henry turned two they knew it was time for him to have a proper room or his own. The brief was for the room to be as much playroom as bedroom. We tried to utilzie the closet as much as possible for storage to allow more space in the room for toys and play. In terms of the aesthetics the mom had some great black and white photos she wanted to use but was otherwise very open to the color scheme.


Vintage Farm Chic Toddler Room

Georgia’s room is a mixture of things she loves and things momma loves.  Georgia loves animals and books, momma loves pale blue, yellow, and vintage furniture.


Hugo’s Vibrant Retreat.

Hugo is a vibrant and curious 4-year-old with a strong point of view on what he likes. We set out to create a fun and unique room for him in our new home, letting him help with the design process in every step. We wanted him to feel creative and comfortable in the new house and by letting him have control over his own space, we knew he’d be right at home.


Shared Girl/Boy Vintage Nursery

A shared nursery space for a 19 month old girl and soon to arrive baby boy done on a budget with lots of love, diy projects and finds from Goodwill and thrift shops!


Pink Butterflies

Using the existing furniture, this was a small makeover to a small bedroom, in a low budget.

Big Girl Room Makeover

Gigi’s Big Girl Room Makeover

I promised my daughter that she could have her own room when she started 3rd grade. The school year was quickly approaching and I needed to transform the room from her sister’s nursery into a proper big girl room in under 3 weeks. Our friends at Serena & Lily jumped in to help us pull off a beautiful room transformation that Gigi can enjoy for many years!

Toddler Big Girl Room Bed

Kynlee’s Big Girl Bed

Jenny Lind full sized bed used as a toddler bed for my daughter who is 26 months. The large size of the bed is wonderful for story time with mom and dad at night! The bed is a true vintage Jenny Lind that I purchased at a garage sale.
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Hot Pink and Gray Big Girl Room Gallery Wall

Avery’s Big Girl Room

I have a great love of pattern, pattern, and more pattern. So, my plan was to throw together lots of it, and in various ways to make a layered effect.


Ava’s Girly Jungle Little Room

I had previously created this yellow girly jungle nursery for my daughter. We have since moved and left the yellow girly jungle behind.
Our new home has a much bigger space to transition Ava’s nursery into her toddler room.
Many of the same elements are still being used, we have updated her crib and we have added new element to her little girl room.