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Kid's Cabin Themed Playroom

Colorful Camp Themed Playroom

A fun kid’s camp themed playroom with wonderful pops of color! We turned a boring, no-storage office into an organized and fun camp-themed playroom.


Hugo’s Vibrant Retreat.

Hugo is a vibrant and curious 4-year-old with a strong point of view on what he likes. We set out to create a fun and unique room for him in our new home, letting him help with the design process in every step. We wanted him to feel creative and comfortable in the new house and by letting him have control over his own space, we knew he’d be right at home.

Vintage Mirror & Repainted Dresser

Elegant Pink & Grey Nursery

Designed this nursery for our 1st baby…and IT’S A GIRL!  I wanted a traditional, vintage style that creates a soothing atmosphere.  I wanted to include DIY pieces that would add a personal touch mixed with new pieces to fit the vision for a unique and comforting nursery :)

Vintage Chic Playroom View of the Room

Gender Neutral Playroom

Storage, storage, and more storage was needed. And, if it could be pretty storage, even better. This space needed to function as an all-around playroom including a table for tea parties and coloring, dollhouse for barbies, open space for push and ride-on toys, small storage for small toys, and large storage for big toys.

Boy Gray and Orange Nursery Monogrammed Wall

London’s Nursery

This is our third boy so my husband and I really wanted to do something outside the box. I didn’t want the same old color blue just because we were having a boy, and we both didn’t want anything cartoon, or sports because my oldest son already had that theme. We wanted his nursery to grow with him, especially his furniture, and we definitely made that happen. With the crib that turns into a full bed, his changing table being a desk so when he gets older he can do his homework on it. My husband is a very great handy man and did a lot of the work, like the closet, and putting the pattern on the wall. We are very happy with the way everything came out. London is now 17 months old and he loves his room. He will come in here pull out his toy basket and play. This room isn’t big, however its just right for him.


A Mix and Match Nursery for Lyla

A nursery for our first baby, Lyla, who came unexpectedly early, so friends and family pitched in with executing my ideas for the nursery after she arrived.  It’s a mix of patterns (floral, ABC, elephant prints, lace) and colors (aqua, yellow, orange, pink) that somehow all match.


Sawyer’s Aqua and Orange Eclectic Nursery

I wanted to design a room that would feel very peaceful and playful. I also didn’t want to overdo it with a theme, focusing more on colors and fresh modern design. Almost everything that went into this room was either handmade or  something I found at a discount store. No big splurges here!


Colorful Circus Gender Neutral Nursery

We worked on a budget and DIY most of the elements, the room that we started with did not have lights besides a very small one right next to the entry door, so my husband and father-in-law worked on adding can lights, book shelves and closet. I was in charge of the smaller projects being my first ones the elephant lamp along with the “K” light. The most meaningful project has to be the bathroom door, I painted a section of North America and South America and added hearts to where Santiago, Chile  and California, USA are so we can show our little baby Peanut where Mom and Dad are from =]
The very last project I worked on for the room was the cardboard name sign on top of the crib, since we didn’t know the sex of our Baby, I waited until after delivery, I had already set a side a big box that I was planning on using, but that same week I had planned to start with the sign my Cousin send us the tall giraffe, so I used that box instead, which allowed me to make the sign a lot bigger than my initial plan.


Tiago’s room.

This is a small, simple, safari inspired, and budget friendly nursery that I made for my baby boy. I did everything myself. The nursery is almost done, it needs only a nice rug, and the ruffles under the crib. But I confess, at this point, the weight of the belly makes me easily tired. I made this with my baby boy in mind, so I tried to think about everything that a little boy would enjoy. I wanted to explore numbers, letters, colors, and animals as educational items for the nursery. I hope you enjoy.


Sophia’s Owl Nursery

I wanted Sophia’s nursery to be girly and chic. I started with the owl theme and finally decided on light gray walls with pops of hot pink. I love DIY projects and found lots of inspiration from Project Nursery, Etsy, and Pinterest.


Quad E’s Basement Playroom

My husband and I decided to finish our basement and turn it into a fun playroom for our kids. Husband is super handy so I designed and he created everything in our fun play room!


Everett’s Teal and Orange Nursery

I knew I was having a boy but didn’t want a masculine or cutesy nursery. I started with a color palette instead. It was a labor of love and the hardest part was picking out art for the room. I actually still have some white frames to put up on both sides of the window with some newborn portraits.


Jessie’s Girly Playroom

Jessie wanted a girly, fun space to do homework and play. She is a talented artist, so she needed a place to create and display her work. The playroom is connected to her bedroom so they two spaces relate to each other through the use of paint and pattern.


Nola’s Nook

We had a very tiny space to work with for Nola’s nursery, so we had to get creative and very selective with the pieces that we chose for the room.