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Safari Nursery

This was such a fun room to create. I saw some wallpaper like this and fell in love but decided to go with a stencil and some free hand to make it perfect! I thought the safari theme would be a fun way to incorporate all the little animals in!


Safari Slumbers

This is a nursery nook as it is shared with the master bedroom. Even still, I wanted to make sure the baby had it’s own space which was a cute as possible while still fitting the entire master bedroom vibe.
I used removable animal print decals on the wall so when the baby moves out of this space, the parents can simply remove them to have their adult space back. Because this room was going to be shared with adults, I chose a generally neutral pallet with a pop of green/turquoise color to support my safari theme.
The rug from Ruggable really completes the space. It’s bold pattern activates the room and provides a whimsy yet sophisticated design to the space.

Charlie’s Bohemian Menagerie Nursery

I absolutely love animals and could not resist stuffing my son’s nursery full of them, but did not want the space to feel too babyish as I hope my son can grow into it.  I love how it turned out, and hope he enjoys it just as much as I do.

Black and White Unique and Modern Nursery

Unique and Modern Nursery

Welcome to our baby girl’s nursery! So excited to share it with all of you! Her nursery is in a modern style with very neutral tones and pops of color through books and toys. This nursery is quite transitional in that we have used pieces that can either grow with our baby girl or be used for a second child down the road should God will it.


Ari’s Animal Inspired Nursery

I wanted Ari’s animal inspired nursery to have a calm and neutral vibe but not overly themed. I also wanted to incorporate some furniture and elements that could be long lasting and used in his room decor as he becomes a toddler.


Liesl’s 5th Birthday – A Wild Safari Expedition

Liesl absolutely LOVES animals, so we decided that a Wild African Safari would be the perfect theme for her 5th birthday.  Her only request was “live animals”, and we found a great non-profit to give the party goers a fun and and education exotic animal show and Liesl was their special assistant.


Reese’s Jungle Safari Bedroom

We converted Reese’ jungle themed nursery into his “big boy” bedroom. I painted the mural when I was 32-36 weeks pregnant and Reese so enjoys saying goodnight to his jungle friends that we made it a priority to create a layout for his new Jeep bed that did not obscure the mural.

Neutral Aqua and Grey Nursery 1

DIY Neutral Aqua and Grey Nursery

My husband and I did almost everything in this nursery including painting, putting up the chair rail, and installing the crown molding. I had so much fun designing it, and my husband helped make it a little more kid friendly by contributing the monkey idea. I love how tranquil the room came out. We love to hang out in here, and it is a great place to rock and read at bedtime.


Animal + Zebra 3rd Birthday

I wanted a fun & colorful birthday for my son. I was browsing Pinterest for ideas and saw a neon animal party. I took that idea and ran with it, making a board of all kinds of animal themed ideas.


Sara’s Eclectic Playroom

I started off Sara’s playroom after she turned 1. As she got her footings strong on the ground she got very mobile and active. I wanted to create a safe place for her to explore and have plenty of space to roam around..She loves it there. It keeps her mind and tiny hands occupied for a good couple of hours..New toys keep adding up but both of us can’t part with her old ones, so we are glad we have plenty of space to store all her treasures..It’s a space for her and i don’t mind being there myself for countless hours..Keeping it fun and functional was my priority.


An Infants Private Playground Nursery

We redecorated a spare bedroom and transformed it into a Nursery. The room was previously used by young family members whenever they came to visit. They painted, drew, wrote and scribbled on all the walls. Using them as their own personal canvases to express their artistic personalities. With our permission, of course. Once we found out we were pregnant we begun to brainstorm ideas and scoured the Internet for inspiration. The video linked below highlights the transformation from a crayon crime scene into the infants private playground its become. The before and after.


Tiago’s room.

This is a small, simple, safari inspired, and budget friendly nursery that I made for my baby boy. I did everything myself. The nursery is almost done, it needs only a nice rug, and the ruffles under the crib. But I confess, at this point, the weight of the belly makes me easily tired. I made this with my baby boy in mind, so I tried to think about everything that a little boy would enjoy. I wanted to explore numbers, letters, colors, and animals as educational items for the nursery. I hope you enjoy.


Chic and Sophisticated Boy’s Nursery

This chic and sophisticated nursery was created for Mac.  His parents wanted to do a safari themed nursery for him, but keep it sophisticated so it could grow with him and flow with the rest of their house.


William’s Safari

Baby boy nursery inspired by a giraffe cowhide rug.  We started off using neutral colors with pops of blue and ended up with a cozy safari nursery that is peaceful yet playful.


Harrison’s Elephant and Giraffe Nursery

A bright nursery with lots of interesting artwork that mainly focuses on giraffes and elephants.**We were keeping Harrison’s name a secret. So, when I took these pictures I didn’t have the button letter H canvas up by the changing table. Instead, I put a blank canvas up to hold it’s place. That’s why there is a blank canvas there- the H canvas is now there.**