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Sebastian’s North Pole Birthday Brunch

Twas the night before December, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for two very excited expecting parents!
With our son being born bright and early the First of December, 2014, it seemed only fitting that his first birthday party would kickstart this year’s holiday festivities.  A spin on the traditional ONE-derland theme, Sebastian’s North Pole Birthday Breakfast had just the right splash of sparkle and tinsel, polar bears and penguins, and of course songs and snow!  After all, there is sNOw sweeter age than ONE!

Pallet Wall Industrial Boy’s Room

I am so excited to share my recent makeover project with the help of RH Baby & Child. This one is especially near and dear because it was for my four year old son, Chase! For the complete story, check out my #ProjectChase journey on the blog:
Before Post
During Post
Design Reveal Post!
A special thanks goes to Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography, family photographer, based in New Jersey.

Zeb’s Monochrome Big Boy’s Room

Being a tomboy as a child, I was so excited to find out that my first-born was going to be a boy. I mean, after spending my childhood, jumping out of trees and playing with matchbox cars, I thought I’d be at a loss if I had a girl (although turns out I do just fine!).
Up until late last year, we were renovating an older house with the view of selling it so poor Zeb didn’t really get a nursery. Seriously! All he had was his cot (and later toddler bed), some drawers and a bookcase! So, obviously we were both excited when it was decided that Zeb’s room would be the first room to be done.

Veranda Circus Party-Demetris 1st Birthday

First birthday was always to me very important, so I wanted to have a special party for my son.
We decided to have a Circus party at our beautiful veranda. The circus theme was a challenge because it was difficult to find party supplies.I ended up having fun crafting and doing lots of DIYs like the circus tent from ribbons,chalkboard,gumball machine,door wreath,hot dog stand,signs,banners and much much more!For favors we had pop corn cups filled with corn and circus animals minatures.For food, we served the guests popcorn, hot dogs & chips, chicken tortillas, mini burgers, candies, cupcakes, peanuts, lemonade and more!The food table was a big success!Last but not least the Circus cake which was a surprise for everyone!
Everybody had a great time and I’m really happy because me and my hasband spent a lot of time for this party .It was a big hit for our baby and big friends.
This was our first birthday present for our little one ,baby Demetris!

A Cub’s Personal Savannah

The couette cover represented a Family of giraffes, so we decided on  painting the sky  and the trees to create an open sky, savannah effect. We add some decals of savannah animals, a wooden giraffe and a few other items to bring everything together. We added the circular red mat to just pop some madness in there and get away from the safe coordinating colours and as usual for some reason the madness always works. We then added some red siblings in the form of the baskets etc.