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Girly and Floral Big Girl Room

I couldn’t find any bedding that I loved enough for my daughters room. I didn’t want to paint and I wanted to keep her black furniture from her nursery, along with some wall hangings and lamps so I needed to find something that incorporated all those colors. I found one option but it was unavailable so I decided if I can’t find what I want, I’m just going to make it. B had this Matilda Jane Platinum top that I fell in love with and it dawned on me that I should try and use that as inspiration for her room. So using her top inspiration I decorated a floral and girly room for my daughter. I added a lot of little personal touches and ended up doing a lot of DIY projects. Scanning the aisles of Michael’s can sometimes be a dangerous thing ;)

A Girly Bowling Birthday Party

We designed a custom invitation and the party details including water bottle tags, favor stickers, t-shirt logo and of course the lunchbox gifts!

Eli’s Striped Nursery

Stripes, pom poms and a simple wood monogram work together to create the perfect space for my one year old.

Fun and Colourful Batik Nursery

This is a nursery I put together for my new baby. When I was about 5 months pregnant I started making things and collecting interesting art and toys.

Season’s Change: Chloe & Tessa’s Big Girl Room

It was time for Chloe & Tessa to move out of their cribs and get a big girl’s room.  Their mother wanted something fun and creative and had the idea that the room change as the seasons change.  Using that concept I came up with the idea of using a tree decal on the focal wall.  In the spring & summer flowers bloom and butterflies flurry through the air.  In the fall we add colorful leaves, owls and lovely birds.  In the winter the room becomes a winter wonderland, the leaves all turn white and glittery snowflakes appear.

Three I E I O Purple Farm Party

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Girly Chevron and Polka Dots

For me, the nursery planning started the moment when I found out this little bean, my third after having two boys, was a girl! I had ooo’d and aww’d over many a baby girl nursery before but never thought i’d be decorating one of my own one day. In my mind, I was always destined to have 3 boys! 
I knew right off the bat I wanted purple and turquoise, and I new I wanted chevron and polka dots… so I headed straight to Etsy for inspiration. Most people head to pinterest, I know I know, I’m just an Etsy girl.
I thought starting with the perfect bedding would be a good place to start and after endlessly searching I could not find a set that had everything I was looking for to save my life. Hmph. So I had to switch gears, I had to think outside of the box.. I went to a fabric site instead. After a lot of trial and error I finally came up with an inspiration board of fabrics that I knew I would love…. and the rest fell into place with the help of some seriously knock-your-socks-off vendors, a few fun DIY projects, and a lot of love <3

Sweet Lavender & Mustard Nursery

A sophisticated, yet soothing nursery for our second daughter. Early on, I chose a color palette of Mustard, Lavender and Gray. It was a fresh combination for a sweet girl’s nursery.

Adeline’s Sweet Girly Space

We wanted a girly space that our daughter can grow in. This room was being used as a guest room and already had the bed in it. It turned out to fit perfectly for a girl. My older daughter chose the paint color for the walls. I originally wanted a lighter lavender and she wanted a darker purple, so we settled on the shade in-between. It turned out great I think. I made the bunting, three throw pillows, and the fabric hoop art myself. I also made her button whale and name. I got that idea off of Etsy when I was browsing and saw someone had made an elephant. I also fell in love with the ruffle bed skirt at Pottery Barn kids, but not the price. They were $99! I found them on amazon for only $30. I kept seeing these cute wooden cabinets in the nurseries I was looking at and my husband made one that came out so good! The rocking chair was my older daughters and we just spray painted it to add an extra pop of color to the room.

Lavender Girl Nursery Room View

Annabelle’s Nursery

I spent a lot of time imagining the perfect space for my little baby girl. I wanted something soothing but colorful and fun. I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in the nursery in the coming months! While I was pregnant I did everything from the painting to woodworking projects with my dad to make the space special. It turned out just how I imagined and I love playing with baby Annabelle in the room every morning!

Big Girl Room Makeover

Gigi’s Big Girl Room Makeover

I promised my daughter that she could have her own room when she started 3rd grade. The school year was quickly approaching and I needed to transform the room from her sister’s nursery into a proper big girl room in under 3 weeks. Our friends at Serena & Lily jumped in to help us pull off a beautiful room transformation that Gigi can enjoy for many years!

GIrl Gray and Purple Nursery Crib and Bed View

Maddie’s Purple & Grey Nursery

Creating a nursery for our little girl Madeline Delaney that incorporates Mommy’s love of purple and owls.  We were limited in our ability to decorate, as we currently living in an apartment but tried to add as much personalization and style as possible.  We also had to make the nursery a duel purpose space, so had to be able to fit in the existing double bed.  The glider rocker had to be moved into the living room to make everything fit.

Green and Purple Girl Nursery Wall Art

Purple and Green Nursery

I wanted the room to be pretty, but playful. I knew I would be spending lots of time in the nursery, so I wanted it to be a room I would enjoy – it quickly became my favorite room in the house! There is a lot of lavender in nursery decor, but very little purple! When I found the purple sheets with the white elephants from Land of Nod I quickly grabbed them. Then the elephant theme came to life. My father-in-law and my husband painted the green stripes, which I knew I wanted from the very beginning. I found the purple ruffle curtains and various purple, green and elephant items along the way. But even with all the fun items I compiled for the room, something was needed to pull it all together. That’s where Grandma came in with the gift of a custom made quilt, which incorporated both the purples and greens and completed the nursery.

Maggie and Millie’s Mod Floral Bedroom

When mom Helen emailed me with the project, I was excited about the small space challenge for this studio apartment home. Most of my projects in the past have been more traditional and youthful.  This client wanted a contemporary, clutter-free, mature feel for the room, yet it should have a warm, intimate, and playful vibe.