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Black + White + All the Colors Gender Neutral Nursery

While I was pregnant, my husband and I decided early on to wait until our baby’s birth to find out the gender. Because of this, deciding how to decorate a nursery was a bit of a challenge. Neutrals are great, but being someone who loves color and lots of it, I knew an all white and gray nursery wasn’t for me. I decided to decorate the nursery in black, white, and grey with lots of patterns and textures and throw in the whole color wheel to brighten things up.

Easton’s Safari Room

A safari-inspired bedroom fit for a toddler. See the full room details at

Scarlett’s Pink, Aqua, Grey and White Nursery

We didn’t really go with a theme, just stuck to a color scheme of light pink, aqua, grey and white. I enjoyed hand picking each item that went into the nursery, and hope my little girl likes the room half as much as I do already!

Classic Gray and Blue Safari Nursery

For Clark’s nursery I wanted to create a space that was elegant, calm, and totally different from his brother Sawyer’s room. We moved Sawyer into a different bedroom and used his old room (and furniture) for the baby, so it was important to me that Clark’s room be unique and not feel like a hand-me-down. I was going for a “classy safari” feel, but I didn’t want it to be too “theme-y.” The prints above the crib were the first thing I found that I knew I wanted in the room and the rest just flowed from there.

Star Wars!

A classic Star Wars motif with a modern feel for a young boy that loves Star Wars.

Wesley’s Yellow and Gray Elephant Nursery

I wanted to design a room that would be perfect to grow with our baby boy, nothing too babyish but still very fun. I love the neutral, gray color scheme and adding in a pop of color with the accents (that could easily be changed out at a later time). There is still a lot more I want to incorporate into the room (a rug and more DIY decor projects), but with my due date fast approaching this will be an ever-evolving project!

Chloe’s Mermaid Inspired Big Girl Room

When we started this project, the room was in a very common state – they had already made the big move from crib to big girl bed but most everything else in the room was leftover from nursery days.  Her changing table was the first thing to go and we knew we needed to upgrade the lighting, window treatments and seating in the room.  Overall her mom wanted a bright, fun room full of colorful accents and with just enough sassiness to satisfy her little girl’s hot pink and mermaid fantasies.

Turquoise, Teal Animal Nursery

Turquoise, Teal and Coral Orange Neutral Nursery

My husband and I were over the moon when we learned that we were pregnant earlier this year.  We knew right away that we wanted to wait to find out the baby’s gender in the delivery room; so I began my quest to find ideas for a gender neutral nursery that wasn’t your typical mint green and pale yellow.

A Playroom Fit for a Trio of Modern Princesses

This family with three adorable little girls was willing to sacrifice their very large living room to be the center of the household: a fantastic, colorful playroom where any child would want to spend their time.

Boy Alligator Nursery Corner of Room

Jonah’s Alligator Inspired Nursery

The inspiration for Jonah’s nursery came from the Alligator Madras bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids. After browsing nurseries high and low, my husband and I saw the bedding set, and ran with the idea of incorporating alligators into his nursery.
We had a very small space to work with, and we knew we wanted the room to be as bright, colorful, and cheerful as possible…while making the most of every square inch.
Although the room is small in size, the amount of character we’ve added cannot be contained within these walls :)

Green and Purple Girl Nursery Wall Art

Purple and Green Nursery

I wanted the room to be pretty, but playful. I knew I would be spending lots of time in the nursery, so I wanted it to be a room I would enjoy – it quickly became my favorite room in the house! There is a lot of lavender in nursery decor, but very little purple! When I found the purple sheets with the white elephants from Land of Nod I quickly grabbed them. Then the elephant theme came to life. My father-in-law and my husband painted the green stripes, which I knew I wanted from the very beginning. I found the purple ruffle curtains and various purple, green and elephant items along the way. But even with all the fun items I compiled for the room, something was needed to pull it all together. That’s where Grandma came in with the gift of a custom made quilt, which incorporated both the purples and greens and completed the nursery.

Gray and Yellow Preppy Nursery Whole Room

Sweet Baby James’ Nursery

I wanted a clean and simple space with lots of natural light. I also wanted lots of colors and textures without having “characters” or a “theme” to his nursery. I started with gray and white and added in golden yellow and a little blue. I didn’t mean for it to but his nursery actually turned out very gender neutral.

Baby K’s Cozy Neutral Nursery

This is our first little baby’s nursery!  A little bit of a challenge was due to the fact that we decided to wait to find out what is in my belly :)  So finding “general neutral” items for decorating was tough, but fun!

Melody’s Musical Nursery

A musically inspired pink damask nursery for Melody decorated by her mom and her namesake and grandma, Ody (short for Melody).

Eli’s Nautical Nursery

Eli’s nursery was decided to be nautical with an element of whimsy. His mom wanted him to be able to grow with the room.

Addison’s Flower and Fairy Garden

Addison’s big girl room was designed by her Mom.  A sparkling flower garden was painted around her bed and I added a few whimsical fairies throughout the garden. The flowers and fairies are bejeweled with crystals and glitter paint. Her name was also hand-painted to match the room.  The quote on the wall is “Like glittering dust on fairy wings, little girl dreams are of magical things.”

Farm Chic Boy’s Room

I loved changing Mac’s nursery into a big boy room that I call “Farm Chic.” Navy is one of my favorite colors and I added pops of green in the art, pillows and side table. For a touch of manliness I used my husbands pig mount and deer hooves hooks over the bed.

A Room for Lauren

I am a first time mom and this is my first attempt at nursery design.  I wanted a soothing place for my little girl and my family.  I loved the yellow and grey pallet and found it feminine without being too girly.