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It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

For our son’s first birthday, which is in October, I wanted a Halloween theme, but also something cute, not creepy. So I picked “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”. The main colors are yellow and black chevron and white and orange polka dots. Pumpkins were everywhere! Pumpkin balloons, pumpkin beach balls, pumpkin decorating! Pumpkin coffee, cupcakes and candy too!


Sweet Carolyne’s 1st Birthday Party

We wanted to have a beautiful, fun party to celebrate our sweet Carolyne turning 1! Our “theme” was “Sweet Carolyne” (like the Neil Diamond song) and included a dessert table with nothing but “sweets.” We used different shades of pink and coral, along with gold and glitter accents. Most everything was DIY by mommy!
Since the party was at 10 am, we had a breakfast bar with some brunch favorites – mini pancake stacks, sausage balls, chicken salad on croissants, mini blueberry muffins, and a yogurt bar!


Girly Chevron and Polka Dots

For me, the nursery planning started the moment when I found out this little bean, my third after having two boys, was a girl! I had ooo’d and aww’d over many a baby girl nursery before but never thought i’d be decorating one of my own one day. In my mind, I was always destined to have 3 boys! 
I knew right off the bat I wanted purple and turquoise, and I new I wanted chevron and polka dots… so I headed straight to Etsy for inspiration. Most people head to pinterest, I know I know, I’m just an Etsy girl.
I thought starting with the perfect bedding would be a good place to start and after endlessly searching I could not find a set that had everything I was looking for to save my life. Hmph. So I had to switch gears, I had to think outside of the box.. I went to a fabric site instead. After a lot of trial and error I finally came up with an inspiration board of fabrics that I knew I would love…. and the rest fell into place with the help of some seriously knock-your-socks-off vendors, a few fun DIY projects, and a lot of love <3

Girly Glam Polka Dot Room

Georgia’s Peachy Punchy Room

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use the fabric from Kate Spade’s Candy Stripe shower curtain, but nothing felt quite right in our home until I found out I was expecting a daughter. It was important that the tiny room felt airy, clean, and feminine but not too flouncy – she has two older brothers to keep up with so a fun edge was a must!

Yellow and Blue Boy Nursery Room View

Oliver’s Nursery

We wanted to create a personal and vibrant nursery that our little boy can grow with. We started with fairly neutral walls in two shades of yellow, then painted the stripes on the wall for his name in blue. Gradually we added the furniture and I made a lot of the things you can see – bunting, lamp & light shades, owls, polka dot trim on the curtain tie backs and matching ribbon for the central heart. We had a lot of fun!

Girl Owl First Birthday Party Cake

Addison’s 1st Birthday

Addison’s First Birthday party was a gathering of young and old, we decided to have an owl theme because Addison’s first sound was “whoo”

Tiffani Thiessen Nursery

Mod Dot Nursery

Welcome to the Skip Hop Nursery Design Event! This nursery was designed by Tiffani Thiessen and was inspired by Skip Hop’s Complete Sheet, the Mod Dot Collection. For more information on the design event and for details on how you can win prizes daily click here.
– Project Nursery


Elliana’s Girly Nursery

I wanted a cute, girly nursery for Ellie. I also had a small budget to work with.  I started with the gray walls, then picked the bedding that I loved.  I loved the idea of soft pink in her room, and knew I did not want a character theme, but something that could grow with her.


Eclectic and Dreamy Nursery

I wanted to create a peaceful, dreamy and cozy room for my baby girl (not born yet, my due date is in august). Something modern, pure and simple, with few touches of bright colors…
I had a little space challenge in this room that is quite small (8 feet X 9 feet) so I made a diaper changing station in the wardrobe.


Levi’s First Birthday Party-Monkey and Banana!

We wanted Levi’s birthday to be fun and bright but not too babyish. We used themes of monkeys and bananas as well as chevron in bright colors. Almost everything was home-made including desserts and the DIY decor.


Olivia’s Nursery

This is Olivia’s nursery and her theme was grey, white and pink.  I loved grey and white but wanted to incorporate pink.  I also wanted something that she could grow with and that was totally unique.  I started with the stripes on the wall and went from there.


*Ryleigh’s Gray and Poppin’ Pink Nursery

My first baby is due in just a few weeks. This is our adorable grey & bright pink nursery fit for a princess :) I did much of the crafts myself & enjoyed being able to add small, loving touches to the room!


Ischa’s First Birthday!

My son turned one and they say the first birthday is the birthday for the mother. Well, I took advantage of it! I wanted to give him a special first birthday.
In our country they don’t make dessert tables and the decoration doesn’t go beyond balloons en screaming colours. I wanted to make something original. Project Nursery have been a great inspiration!


Colorful Owl Nursery

This is a second, more colorful take on Landon’s original nursery ( ).  We spent his first year sharing a room at my parent’s house, and when he turned one we moved into a place of our own!  I kept most of the same things but changed and added a few things.
In the original nursery I really wanted to use a bright, fun paint color for the walls but it didn’t really work with the decal I chose.  So in the new nursery I made sure to chose the paint color first and the wall decal second.
Basically, it is his original nursery perfected :)
(I also included pictures of his bathroom decor since it’s connected to his room and it goes with the theme.)