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Jacks Dream Rug/Room

This was all about creating a space he wanted to spend time in. We wanted him to play a part in making some of the decor choices which makes him love his new big boy room that much more.

French Vintage Nursery with Reclaimed Wood Wall

Baker’s French Vintage Nursery

When I found out I was having another little girl, I began dreaming, pinning, and thinking about how I wanted her nursery to be. I didn’t get to do all this planning/nesting/shopping with my previous twin pregnancy.. their nursery randomly came together while on the thrones of bed rest. I ordered things online thinking and hoping it would all ‘work’ together. This go round I was excited at the thoughts of bringing my ideas for her room to life – but really being able to have a first hand into creating it from scratch.  I have a love for all things vintage, and any time I searched for themes and nursery ideas with that in mind, the French Vintage theme kept popping up. I wanted it to be pretty ‘girly’ for this little princess, but with a touch of the vintage side her mama loves so much.

Ari’s Animal Inspired Nursery

I wanted Ari’s animal inspired nursery to have a calm and neutral vibe but not overly themed. I also wanted to incorporate some furniture and elements that could be long lasting and used in his room decor as he becomes a toddler.

Pink, Mint and Gray Baby Girl Nursery

We are preparing this pink, mint and grey nursery for our baby girl, due in October. I wanted to create a special room that felt peaceful and beautiful. I love soft, pastel colors and wanted to give her a space she could grow into. I decided early on that I would not have a “theme”, but rather a color scheme and overarching ideas of what I wanted the room to feel like. Within the light gray walls you’ll find different shades of pink and mint with gold accents running throughout.

Small Modern Nursery

The room we had to work with is very small so I knew I had to be efficient with my use of the space. I also wanted to achieve a feminine, but not too girly look for our baby  so I used navy blue with light pink accents for this modern small nursery.

Moose, Bears, and Owls Oh My Nursery

Moose, Bears, and Owls Oh My!

This has been my lil guys nursery for over a year! Where has time gone! I wanted a rustic, woodsy feel, but still a comforting safe place for my lil guy filled with love and support as he grows. I wanted a room that can easily transition from a nursery to a big boys room.

Surfer Girl Nursery

Surfer Girl Nursery

Being the first baby of two surfers, it was inevitable that Eva’s nursery would be inspired by the sea.

Pink and Gray Fairytale Nursery

Pink and Gray Fairytale for Baby Jocelyn. Million Dollar Baby Crib and Dresser in Dove White. Cherry Blossom decal and Crystal Mirror. A peaceful nursery for our new baby girl.

Blakes DIY Tribal Nursery

I would probably describe Blake’s nursery as Tribal Glam.  A mix of wild animals, patterns, bold colors and of course a touch of gold.

Aqua and Orange Nautical Nursery

Noah’s Nautical Nursery

This nursery was designed for my son Noah. His sister had this room and all its furniture first (I have a project here called Little P’s nursery where you can see it). I decided to use all the same stuff but change it with a new color scheme and aesthetic.

Big Girl Neverland Room!

I wanted to create a whimsical and fun big girl Neverland room for my little girl who just became a big sister.  I wanted her to be excited about the new space (and not jealous of the baby who would soon be in her old nursery) and help her embrace being a girl girl (toddler bed)!  The teepee, tons of accessible books, and fun dress-up clothes and toys around the room, there is endless fun and imagination ahead!

Circus Posters

Vintage Circus Nursery!

A vintage circus nursery for our sweet baby boy!  While the nursery is mostly gender neutral, I brought more blues, greens, and greys into the decor. The vintage circus decor brings some color, fun, and character to the room.  All of the different patterns are eye-catching as well.  I smile every time I’m in that unique and beautiful room!

Moosehead over Crib in this Whimsical Woodland Nursery

Whimsical Woodland Nursery

I wanted to create a happy but bright space for our baby boy. I was inspired by the 1960’s vintage sputnik light that I pulled from my grandparent’s home and the rest of the room just followed suit in an eclectic way!