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Turquoise and Coral Nursery

Kate’s Modern Turquoise and Coral Nursery

This nursery was designed when I found out that my husband and I were having a baby girl. I wanted the room to be fun and bright and love the turquoise and coral color combination.

Moose, Bears, and Owls Oh My Nursery

Moose, Bears, and Owls Oh My!

This has been my lil guys nursery for over a year! Where has time gone! I wanted a rustic, woodsy feel, but still a comforting safe place for my lil guy filled with love and support as he grows. I wanted a room that can easily transition from a nursery to a big boys room.


Baby Girl’s Bright and Cozy Nursery

My husband and I didn’t want anything “too pink”, so we focused on primary colors and owls which seem to be 2014’s trendy animal.
We did a lot of DIY projects. Dad painted the changing table, which was a children’s desk we found at a thrift shop, and the bookcase and night stand which came from other rooms in our house. The glider was passed down and the dresser and trunk were already in the house, too. The crib was the only piece of furniture we had to buy.
I sewed the curtains and crib skirt and created the letters for the alphabet/initial wall.


Season’s Change: Chloe & Tessa’s Big Girl Room

It was time for Chloe & Tessa to move out of their cribs and get a big girl’s room.  Their mother wanted something fun and creative and had the idea that the room change as the seasons change.  Using that concept I came up with the idea of using a tree decal on the focal wall.  In the spring & summer flowers bloom and butterflies flurry through the air.  In the fall we add colorful leaves, owls and lovely birds.  In the winter the room becomes a winter wonderland, the leaves all turn white and glittery snowflakes appear.

Owl Themed 2nd Birthday Party Collage

Zoe’s Twooo! Owl Themed Party

It was an awesome owl party for Zoe! This party was super fun and sweet. Mom wanted some really cool owl designs to deck the place out with.The individual owl graphics were purchased on Etsy. I used them to make all of the paper party products. I made up the banner, signs and cupcake toppers in bright colors and added some flower graphics.

Girl Nest Nursery Wall Art

Raegan’s Nest

This is Raegan’s nursery.  She was born in April 2013.  She is my little spring baby so I loved the owls and birds theme.

Turquoise, Teal Animal Nursery

Turquoise, Teal and Coral Orange Neutral Nursery

My husband and I were over the moon when we learned that we were pregnant earlier this year.  We knew right away that we wanted to wait to find out the baby’s gender in the delivery room; so I began my quest to find ideas for a gender neutral nursery that wasn’t your typical mint green and pale yellow.

Girl Houndstooth Nursery Chevron Rug

Emma’s Houndstooth Nursery

I started working on this room two months ago when we moved to a new place where Emma can get her own room. Till then, most of the stuff where in my head and in my pinterest page, and I just waited to execute them…

Yellow and Blue Boy Nursery Room View

Oliver’s Nursery

We wanted to create a personal and vibrant nursery that our little boy can grow with. We started with fairly neutral walls in two shades of yellow, then painted the stripes on the wall for his name in blue. Gradually we added the furniture and I made a lot of the things you can see – bunting, lamp & light shades, owls, polka dot trim on the curtain tie backs and matching ribbon for the central heart. We had a lot of fun!

GIrl Gray and Purple Nursery Crib and Bed View

Maddie’s Purple & Grey Nursery

Creating a nursery for our little girl Madeline Delaney that incorporates Mommy’s love of purple and owls.  We were limited in our ability to decorate, as we currently living in an apartment but tried to add as much personalization and style as possible.  We also had to make the nursery a duel purpose space, so had to be able to fit in the existing double bed.  The glider rocker had to be moved into the living room to make everything fit.

Boy Green and Blue Nursery Room View

Grant’s Nursery

Since we moved to our house we always knew this was going to be the baby’s room. We love the way it was design. We also had in mind the owl theme. We took our time to put it together and we looked in different places to find what we wanted. My husband has been deployed but he had put as much effort to make it come together and once he comes back he will so glad of how it turned out.

Girl Owl First Birthday Party Cake

Addison’s 1st Birthday

Addison’s First Birthday party was a gathering of young and old, we decided to have an owl theme because Addison’s first sound was “whoo”

Boy Owl Nursery Room View

Jackson’s Owl Themed Nursery

This is for our 2nd baby and we are thinking we would like at least four children…SO with that, we wanted to select a theme that could work for both a boy and girl…we did find out the gender and expecting a sweet baby boy this September.  However, if the third or fourth child is a girl, we can definitely reuse elements of this design theme.
Also this room prior to becoming our second nursery was one of two guest bedrooms and housed my husband’s secondary work space.  His one request was to leave that area for when he needs peace & quiet.  I told him just for a few months!  We plan on keeping Jackson with us in our room on the first floor for the first couple months so breastfeeding can go smoothly.  He’ll sleep in his newborn napper pack-n-play unit.


Baby Ella’s Gender Neutral Bird Themed Nursery

I wanted a nursery for our baby girl that would be largely gender neutral. Neither my husband nor I care for pink very much, and we figured as long as she doesn’t care, and we’ll be the ones spending a ton of time in the room looking around, it might as well look how we want it to!  She’ll be into pink soon enough, despite our best efforts, we’re told! In the meantime, no girlie-girls here!


Claire’s Nursery

For Claire’s nursery we chose the color scheme of yellow and gray. To steer clear of too much pink, we chose an aqua for her walls. I wanted to incorporate as many handmade items as we could. I am so grateful for my husband’s love of furniture building and am so happy with how the bookcase and window seat he built turned out. I am sure Claire will appreciate the hard work he put into making these pieces just for her  . He also added crown molding to the room, which I believe makes the room look much more feminine! My mother in law is a sewing queen! She was able to make many pieces for Claire’s nursery, as well as her cradle bedding (not pictured). I’m not as crafty as my other half (and his family), but I did manage to create the wreath we hung on Claire’s door. It was one of the few handmade items I made while nesting!


Ellie’s Vintage Nursery

I wanted a calm nursery with a vintage feel that Ellie could grow into.  My cousin and aunt are talented decorators and offered to help design the space.  We decided to go with light yellow on the walls, and we loved the chevron stencil that we used.  Pops of color were added with the dresser, wall decor, curtains, crib skirt and pillows.


Rylie’s Eclectic- Modern Owl Nursery – NYC

This room was designed by Rylie’s Mom, Courtney and created around her eclectic modern style, her love for owls and a few sentimental gifts she received at her shower including an owl painting from a family member.
The tree is hand painted. I also hand painted 3-dimensional flowers to match the color scheme. The flowers, rhinestones and glitter paint added an extra sparkle and feminine touch to the tree. The owls are bejeweled with Swarovski crystals. The beautiful damask bedding is from Carousel Designs. The modern furniture and beautiful rug is from Pottery Barn.
Photo 1 – Introducing Baby Rylie!!  I love that they used the mural as a backdrop for Rylie’s first photo shoot.