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Charlie’s Neutral Nursery with Feminine + Fun Textiles

The moment I found out that we were having a baby, I began to envision my dream nursery. Whether we had a boy or a girl, I knew that I wanted a neutral space that would be warm and inviting. Most of all, I wanted our baby’s nursery to be unique. When we learned we were having a girl, I remember thinking I finally had an excuse to install a fun patterned carpet or wallpaper in the house! Heck, I would have made it an excuse with any gender! FYI: I chose to do both!
We designated the smaller of our two guest bedrooms as Charlie’s future nursery and got to brainstorming! I knew I wanted feminine textiles with greige tones and a pop of gold to add warmth. I sat in the floor on countless occasions drawing out varying floor plans and furniture layouts that I thought would work best with the structure of the bedroom and provide for an easy transition from nursery to toddler room. This room has high vaulted ceilings embellished by richly stained wooden beams, so my first thought was to add a chandelier that was large enough for the architectural build, yet still delicate and inviting. In fact, the chandelier was the first item I purchased – shout out to Wisteria!
Cue the carpet craze: I was dead set on a leopard or cheetah print carpet and had quite a bit of convincing to do with Charlie’s Dad! While I wanted a bold print, I still wanted a versatile soft hue. After browsing dozens of animal print swatches, we decided Carpet One’s style “Dosso” was the perfect fit. Not too loud, not too edgy and not too busy. Out of the five color options available for this style, we ultimately chose the most neutral tone: “Shilling.” The soft gray undertones of this color helped create a subtle richness for the entire space without overwhelming the eye. And did I mention it’s the softest carpet I’ve ever laid feet on?!
Designing Charlie’s nursery was not free of difficulties! Charlie’s room had a bit of an odd layout in that there was a single window on the main wall to the far right. Because I wanted her crib to be centered on this wall, that lonely window made for an unfortunate placement. As a solution, we brought in a paned floor mirror from Shades of Light and placed it on the left side of the main wall which, in effect, mirrored the window on the right (pun intended!). Then, we situated a large chest in front of the mirror and window to the left and right of the crib. This allowed us to make the layout of the room appear more symmetrical. We added some gold curtain rods with crystal hardware and hung linen blackout curtains pulled to the side to truly give off the appearance of a second window in the room. As a finishing touch to the main wall, we centered a gold sunburst mirror above her crib. Crystal table lamps from RH Baby & Child adorn the tops of her chests to compliment the crystal finishes in her curtain rods. Speaking of chest tops, if you’re looking for a tabletop monitor for the nursery, I must recommend Project Nursery’s 4.3″ Baby Monitor which syncs with your cell phone through an app via wifi! The sleek neutral white camera blends great with Charlie’s room color palette (and it plays the cutest nursery tunes).
On the opposite side of Charlie’s room we added a comfortable linen Glider, petrified wood stump side table and floor lamp to create a cozy corner for reading books. We placed an oversized antique armoire next to this for housing her growing book collection and threw in some light woven baskets on its shelves to store smaller items such as bows, beanies, slippers, muslin blankets and bibs.
Lastly, since Charlie’s nursery was originally one of our two guest bedrooms, it actually shares a jack and jill bathroom with the other. Since we still needed a designated diaper changing space, we decided to transform this to her own personal changing station. And who am I kidding, our jack and jill needed a serious face lift – so all the more reason to revamp! We chose a fanciful neutral woodland style wallpaper, hung two elongated mirrors from Restoration Hardware above the sinks to give the small space an expanded feel and then added a feminine vintage-style wall sconce in the center. We keep Charlie’s diapers hidden away in the drawers beneath the sink and her changing pad sits perfectly nestled on the countertop between the two sinks. And hey, when you’re changing a dirty diaper, two sinks is better than one. Am I right?!
I hope you all love her nursery as much as we do! It has officially become my favorite room in the house! xo
P.S. If you’re sharing to social media – please tag @leclark (Charlie’s mama!)


Modern Whimsical Nursery for Baby Girl

We moved into our new house about a year and a half ago and left this room untouched, assuming it would eventually be for baby #2.
So as soon as I found out we were having a girl (our first is a boy), I immediately got to work brainstorming up a space that would be fun, imaginative, and a little bit girly — but could still grow with her throughout the years.
I repainted the grey walls a pale pink (Behr “Illuminated”), and since I’m averse to too much color, I wanted everything else in the room to feel neutral, light and airy — so I stuck to a palette of whites and creams and added texture with pillows, blankets, and acrylic pieces.
In terms of statement pieces, I installed a beautiful chandelier from Serena & Lily and chose an acrylic dollhouse floor bookcase, which not only holds a bunch of books and toys, but can also be used as an actual dollhouse when she gets older.
The result is a soft, feminine nursery that’s still modern and fits nicely with the rest of our home. I absolutely love it.

Gender Neutral Shiplap Mint Nursery by Amanda Macy Hall 083

Shiplap and Mint Gender Neutral Nursery

Amanda Macy Hall is an Atlanta, Georgia native and Project Nursery team member who spends her time balancing a love for writing, designing, food, and fitness with her favorite responsibility, raising a strong and joyful toddler girl. Baby #2 on the way this Fall!


Soft Neutral Nursery

My client knew she wanted something neutral and serene, and she loved animals. She hinted at the idea of a wallpapered accent wall, and of course, I convinced her to wallpaper the whole space.
It took a while to choose the wallpaper since it had to be very neutral and soft, and it also had to have an animal theme (but nothing too juvenile so the wallpaper can last many years). We settled on the perfect pattern that had a hand-drawn feel and was grown-up enough to be versatile.
I chose a gorgeous neutral furniture collection that has a slight rubbed finish to add some warmth and texture to the space. The small iron details also add a touch of masculinity to pair with the very subtle pale blue accents.
Any animal-themed nursery has to have these baby animal photographs, and my client was in love with them from day one. Half the fun is going through all the options and choosing the right combination of animals. Of course, these are framed with plexiglass instead of real glass since they are hanging over the crib, and they are very well secured to the wall.
I love the combination of taupe and gray. It may sound like two neutral tones will compete, but they actually work so well together, especially since the wood flooring has so many variations of color. We also pulled in elements of ivory and white. This is one of my all-time favorite gliders, and every client I’ve suggested it to loves how modern it is while still remaining cozy and comfortable.
This nursery, like most, isn’t a very large room, so I opted to add a mirror over the changing table, which helps to open up the space and bounce light around the room. I love how it reflects the great rope light fixture as well.  Lastly, I always try to sneak in some greenery if at all possible, and these little wall vases were the perfect way to do that!


Harlow’s Shabby-Chic Feminine Nursery

Our little Low’s nursery is a mix of native, shabby-chic and vintage elements. It is a soft calming space filled with lots of whites, neutrals, pale-rose colored accents and wood. Everything in her room has been thoughtfully picked or hand-made by her daddy and I with love.


Viv’s Gray and White Nursery

We wanted a nursery for baby girl that would be functional, feminine and something she could grow into.  The previous owners put in the wainscoting/bead board and chandelier so we wanted to work around both of those things.

Neutral Boy's Nursery Design

Night Sky Nursery

I was so thrilled to begin work on this baby boy’s modern and whimsical sky nursery design with a fabulous client in Los Angeles, California. The goal was to create a warm and inviting space that was a little on the modern side with animal accents. My client also wanted a mural on the ceiling to add a touch of whimsy to the space.


Bohemian Camp Themed Nursery

I’ve been dreaming about decorating a nursery for years; when we found out we were expecting (and a girl, no less), I couldn’t wait to get started! I had so much fun bringing this room to life for our little Gracelyn. <3


See the World in Color Nursery

Travel the world in color was the inspiration for our gender neutral nursery. When we got started on the project, we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl. Even after she was born we wanted to to stay bright but neutral and avoid the more gender specific colors.

Yellow and Gray Arrow Nursery

Yellow & Gray Arrow Baby Boy Nursery

This room started as a second floor landing…not a room at all! When planning for our second baby boy we knew adding a room would add value to our house and be more functional for us. When it was originally renovated, the small room at the top of the stairs was removed so we just put it back.
A deep grey, arrows, antlers, geometric shapes, and a pop of yellow was the theme, so I got paint on the wall and went from there. The back wall features a paint-pen arrow design that is mimicked in the leading on the transom windows.
I tired to use what we could from our first baby, but did buy a few new things like the Urban Outfitter’s side table, the Jenny Lind crib, the inexpensive barn light from Home Depot, and the under-crib baskets from Crate & Barrel.
The big orange chair was repurposed as well as almost all the shelving and frames. The new closet, well in our case the changing space, features a refinished dresser and some new floating shelves from Lowes.
It’s a small room but it meets our needs perfectly. In the future it can be used as an office or kids room. It’s sunny and cozy and we love it! Baby boy seems to love it too.


Playroom fun

We bought a new home and this room went from the green room to the neutral play room.

Vintage Gray Nursery Glider

Declan’s Vintage Grey Nursery

I’d been dreaming up ideas for my son’s nursery as soon as we found out he was on his way.  Knowing we’d probably be spending a lot of sleepless nights in this space I really strived to create a soothing and inviting place using a variety of fabrics in greys and creams.  I also brought in some vintage touches for a more rustic feel.  I tried to get as creative as I could with the budget so the room is filled with lots of diy projects.  For more you can visit us at

Twin Nursery Wall Art

Mason and Ellaina’s Neutral Twin Nursery

Neutral nursery for boy girl twins with DIY touches.
I made chalkboards and put them inside the frames so when you are walking into the nursery they are the first thing you see. They read:
This Is Our…
Happily Ever After
The large frames that have the initials in them were originally black- they were painted white.
I also made the mobiles after loving some similar ones on I couldn’t find one with all of the elements that I loved, so I decided to create my own instead!
My mom crocheted the fringe blanket on the back of the glider :)

Natural Neutral Nursery Room View

Naturally Neutral Nursery

We created a calming neutral nursery design for a client in Los Angeles who wanted a room which could be used for a nursery multiple times without needing to change the decor. Since the parents are world-travelers we designed a sophisticated global themed room.

Immersion in Nature Nursery Crib View

Immersion in Nature

Birds, hatching, nesting… I have long yearned for this little one! In my research, I study how the environment affects babies (and all ages), and thus have been planning this nursery for the last 10 years. It is exciting to finally make it a reality! We want baby Rem to cultivate a relationship with nature and grow in a serene and peaceful setting. My dad (Thomas) and I had so much fun building the DIY pieces.

Striped Beige Girl Nursery Room View

Baby James Nevins’s Nest

I wanted to create a playful and clean nursery for my little man. I love a clean and simple design with pops of color. I didn’t want it to scream baby boy but rather a more simple design.


Baby K’s Cozy Neutral Nursery

This is our first little baby’s nursery!  A little bit of a challenge was due to the fact that we decided to wait to find out what is in my belly :)  So finding “general neutral” items for decorating was tough, but fun!


Amara’s Travel Nursery

We wanted Amara’s nursery to reflect two of our favorite things: travel and reading. Almost every piece in the nursery came from our own travels and all of the books are books from mine, my husband’s, and my nephew’s childhood, making every part of this nursery especially meaningful.
At the same time, we wanted this nursery to transition with our daughter as she grows older so we converted the walk-in closet into a mini playroom that she can use as her own play nook when she’s older. We used neutral white fixtures and furniture so that she can decide on her own favorite color for her room as she gets older.