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Black and White Nursery

We were inspired by Joanna Gaines black and white wallpaper design. We decided to go with neutral colors as well as black and white to create a modern but simple nursery.

Flora Nursery Design by Little Crown Interiors

Jessi Malay’s Floral Nursery

We knew early on that we wanted to incorporate this gorgeous floral wallpaper. Even though the space isn’t huge, the high ceilings and generous amount of natural light definitely make the room feel spacious enough for this oversized floral design. To add warmth, gold accents were incorporated throughout the room. We sourced items from different shops to achieve a unique and inviting space and that also added personality to the room. The acrylic crib and white dresser are slightly different styles yet compliment each other beautifully. We kept the larger pieces of furniture white and added color to the room with the smaller decor elements in pink, gold, and sage green.

A Nautical Nursery with Modern Style

I love coastal style, but when it comes to nautical nurseries, many are often too cutesy for my taste. So I sought to create a modern, preppy space for my son by starting with some neutrals plus shades of deep blue and green, and then added nautical patterns and textures and some natural elements to his nursery design.
When it comes to decorating any room, I always start with one key inspiration piece and then proceed from there. By choosing a single piece that I absolutely love, I can use this as my guide for selecting the other furniture, decorative items, and anything else I need. For my son’s nursery, my inspiration piece was the adorable personalized oars artwork that I purchased from Minted. I just love that print — it’s sweet but also sophisticated and has beautiful, bright colors.
Per usual, I created this room on a budget. The IKEA Hemnes dresser was a Craigslist score (I swapped out the hardware so that it looked less IKEA-ish), the navy rug is from Safavieh which I purchased on Amazon for only $79, and I took advantage of sales and coupons to purchase other key items from retailers like Minted, Pottery Barn Kids and The Land of Nod.
You can see more photos and the full list of sources on my blog, Kate Decorates:

Modern Nursery with a Pop of Pink

Modern Nursery with a Pop of Pink

I had a lot of fun designing my baby’s nursery. I wanted the room to feel peaceful, light and airy with a pop of color. I chose white and light grey for the primary colors, and we waited to add either blue or pink touches until the baby arrived. Once we found out that we would be bringing home a little girl, Ellen, the pops of pink were easy to add in. We had the crib still from when our boys were tiny so we purchased some new furniture to complete the room. I bought the rug first and love it so much. It’s really soft, and our little girl spends a lot of time rolling around on it. I agonized over the perfect dresser and think we found a great match to the existing crib. My favorite pieces in the nursery are the flamingo prints from Etsy and the alphabet print that we received as a gift when my older son was a baby. It’s such a bright and sunny room that we love to sit and play in. I plan to add more decorative touches as she grows, because I think the room will transition well into a little girl’s room. I’m constantly on the search for a really large painting but haven’t yet found the perfect match.

Modern Nursery

Modern Nursery

I had my modern nursery complete 4 months before Ryan was born! I was so excited to welcome him home, even though he won’t sleep in there for months!
After going through IVF, I had endured years of yearning for all that comes along with baby. Completing this nursery was a dream come true!


Pascal’s Modern Baby Nursery

This project is based in Miami Beach, Florida to a couple with very strong traditional roots when it comes to children’s spaces. We wanted to make the space to be modern to match the feeling of the rest of the home, but with a sense of welcoming warmth for the baby. The plaid bedding print goes back to the traditional patterns, and the straight lines of the modern furniture create the perfect eclectic mix that the couple was looking for.
We used ABC playing cards as a piece of art on the wall, a modern way of adding art above the bed without the fear of it falling into the crib. The broadway Lion King Poster was a play off on something both parents enjoy, being that they met on auditioning for Broadway. The custom made name train, or the embroidered pillow is an excellent way of personalizing the space to little one.
My advice to our readers is, try and make the baby nursery as personable as possible. It should tell a story, how it came to be, add some personal touches { such as the lion king poster, the name train, etc. } . Once, the baby is born, then add some photos of him/her, family photo or keepsakes people might want to give you. Adding a couple high shelves where the baby cannot reach to add fragile items and keepsakes are always a good idea.

Modern Children's Book Nursery in a Minnesota Loft

Kendall’s Modern Children’s Book Nursery in a Minnesota Loft

We created this nursery for our baby girl Kendall who was born on July 25th, 2016. I was inspired by the Ikea picture ledges used for children’s books idea on pinterest. We had no theme, but instead fun pieces we love which is perfect for our loft downtown St. Paul, MN! Our dresser doubles as a changer with it located on top. The changer is perfect so when there is an accident from changing a diaper all you need to do is wipe it up vs. having to change sheet with a typical changer. Above the changer is a gallery wall with pictures received as gifts from our baby shower. Next to the rocking chair is a thumb print guest book from our baby shower. The crib is from pottery barn and I love that baby can see out with the clear slats. Above the crib is a planet mobile from pottery barn perfect for early learning and to show our nerdy side. Our ceiling light is the Ikea daisy ball light which adds a fun touch of whimsy.

Modern Travel Nursery

I knew that I wanted a room that my son could grow with and that we wouldn’t need to redecorate in a couple of years. We started by picking out the paint colors, which was the hardest part, and my husband painted the room. (Go Hubby!) Next on the list was finding the perfect mobile and letters for the wall in the right accent colors. We decided not to hang a lot of things on the wall so I opted for two cube shelves to store toys and books. There is a blue and white patterned rug in the center of the room to pull everything together. I needed some practical use items such as the touch lamp, wooden side table and woven basket which became our finishing touches. I hope that our son loves it just as much as I do one day!

Modern Nature Inspired Nursery

Arlo’s Modern Nature Inspired Nursery

When planning our son’s nursery, I wanted to create a bright and cheerful space that felt youthful and boyish. The initial inspiration came from a Mary Blair print we got at Disneyland, but after choosing his middle name, Wilder; the theme pivoted towards a natural woodland theme with animals and arrows.
We are renting so the decor decisions needed to be easily changeable. I created a bold statement wall behind the crib using removable decals. The nightstand and dresser were customized with wood knobs, to tie together the wood tones in the room. Teepees, arrows and woodland animals helped round out the theme, along with some of our favorite kid-like tchotchkes displayed on vintage steel shelves in the reading nook. My favorite items are the turkish blanket hanging on the crib and the custom bench cushion. To top it all off, we updated the lighting fixtures with vintage inspired shades from Schoolhouse Electric, and got a customized piece from Etsy above the changing table with Arlo’s name spelled out in rope.

Modern Woodland Nursery

Jett’s Modern Woodland Nursery

My husband and I both love the outdoors, however, I have recently developed a love for contemporary decor! We went ahead and tried our hands at creating a nursery for our baby boy that is modern and woodland inspired, but still whimsical. From the handmade wood wall to the framed pictures of my brother fishing, the whole room is filled with personal touches.

Soft and Sweet Modern Nursery

Soft and Sweet Modern Nursery for My Niece

I worked with my sister to put together this sweet nursery for her baby girl due in just a couple weeks! Her inspiration was the tassel mobile she found on Etsy. From there, she chose soft neutral colors with pops of gold here and there. This room is also a combination of bargains, splurges, and a few DIYS. For a complete source list of everything in this nursery, just visit here!

Artful Modern Nursery

Sutton Faye’s Art-Inspired Modern Nursery

When we found out we were having a girl, I was beyond excited and thrilled to start putting her nursery together. As a design lover and artist, I love to make spaces beautiful and unique, gathering special pieces that create a sense of wonder and inspires creativeness when in them! Since we were having a girl I wanted to design a eclectic, modern, and artful nursery that my daughter can come home to! A space that she can grow up learning and experiencing color, patterns, and new things! I knew starting off I wanted to find the perfect material for her bedding that was girly and modern, not too “baby”. Then my next step would be to paint her abstract painting that would turn out to be so special and painted with such love that she will treasure it forever. I received a gift from a special friend (we consider family) that inspired me in so many ways! This Picasso “Pages from a notebook” Studies of Woman and Child is one of the main elements of Sutton’s room! I love that her art is unique and special! With hard work, love and support from my husband and special gifts from family and friends, the details came together at the end to form this unique, artful nursery that we can not wait to bring our baby girl home to!
All photos were taken by Mary Douglas 
Design by: Yours Truly- Allison Hobbs


Black and White Modern Nursery

Once I found out I was having a boy I knew exactly how I wanted the nursery to look. I went with a black and white modern theme. I mixed bold patterns and touches of gray to break up the bold contrast of the black and white. You won’t believe the one item that brought a “pop” of red to the room!


Miles Modern Nursery

Miles nursery is an eclectic mix of vintage and modern.  I wanted to make the space playful yet relaxing for my little man.


Hugh’s Modern Nursery

Creating a nursery for our first child made for an exciting DIY project in our newly adopted city of Charlotte, North Carolina. As architecture and art enthusiasts (Mom is an architectural historian), we favor clean lines, abstract forms, and neutral hues with pops of color. Using many items we already owned, including artwork and textiles by family and friends, and a few newly-purchased “baby” items, like a crib and changing table accessories, we created a cool, modern space that any child (or adult) would love. The best part of the room? We managed to stay within our $1000 budget!


Walt and Whitney’s Neutral Twin Nursery

I participated in a 6 week design challenge, so this was a very quick design project! When I found out I was having boy/girl twins I knew that I wanted to create a neutral nursery. I naturally tend to decorate everything in my home white and neutral, so the nursery was no different.

Pink and Gray Elephant Nursery

Gianna’s Pink and Gray Elephant Nursery Reveal

When I found out I was having my second girl, I was stumped on everything. Name, shower, gadgets, and most of all….the nursery. I felt like I had JUST been through it all (just a few months ago!!!) and had picked the most perfect of all options, so how was I to possibly choose?? But as the months went by, I found a theme I loved and ran with it. I absolutely adore how this nursery turned out. Soft, modern, clean, and feminine. I learned a lot from my first (like…don’t skimp on the glider — do you have any idea how many hours you’ll be spending in it????), so I was able to create a space I know is lovely but also very, very functional.


Maclaren’s Modern Boho Nursery

I wanted to use bold black and white with romantic pastel colors for Maclaren’s room inspiration. Part Modern and part vintage. We mixed new trends with old things we found at thrift shops.

Modern and Clean Nursery with Brick Accent Wall

Modern and Clean Nursery

This modern and clean nursery was designed around an art and loom alphabet rug, keeping all the colors primary and bright.