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Sugar and Spice

This stunning nursery was designed by Milk Deco as well as the furniture being designed and made by them. The idea was to have a calming blue feature wall with splashes of bright pink to pop against the blue and make it more girly.

Ellie’s Vintage Nursery

I wanted a calm nursery with a vintage feel that Ellie could grow into.  My cousin and aunt are talented decorators and offered to help design the space.  We decided to go with light yellow on the walls, and we loved the chevron stencil that we used.  Pops of color were added with the dresser, wall decor, curtains, crib skirt and pillows.

Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club

We were pretty much in love with the dog “gentlemen” prints the moment we saw them. They inspired the whole nursery! We wanted something colorful, modern, and true to our style. We’re hoping our baby loves dogs as much as we do.

Gweneth’s Shabby Chic Safari Nursery

This nursery was designed in collaboration with my then pregnant client and my now close friend.  She wanted to do something girly but in the blue family.  I think we definitely achieved that.

Pearcy’s Colorful Nursery

We have tried for years to have a child and when our dream finally came true, we wanted to create a super fun and colorful nursery.   I didn’t want a room that was a sea of pastel colors.  I wanted a room that would grow with her.  I also wanted to incorporate lots of different fabrics and as much color as possible.  My ultimate goal was to try to create a room that maybe some day she would be happy to call it her own.
We did not tell anyone her name until she got here.  We all called her Sparkle during the pregnancy.

Travel/Cultural Themed Nursery

I wanted to create a cultural/travel themed nursery for my second son.  I’m 2nd generation Indian and my husband is 4th generation Chinese, so I wanted to reflect both of our cultures in the nursery.

Peyton’s Nursery

This is a nursery for my baby girl. It started as a neutral room, because we didn’t know the sex. We then added pink accents after peyton was born.

Veda Jane’s Carnival Nursery

From day one I just knew that I wanted a carnival nursery for my baby girl! My husband and I have always loved carnivals, and in a lot of ways I feel like we are still two big kids so it seemed perfect and fitting to create a fun carnival inspired nursery for our Veda Jane! We had an extremely tight budget to work with so everything you see here was either done by hand or vintage finds that we repurposed! We spent less than $300 on this nursery!

Baby Tag’s Nursery

When I started thinking about a nursery I knew I didn’t want a specific theme. I get bored with themes quickly. I really wanted a room that our son could grow into, and wouldn’t be outdated within the first year of his life.
I, like most people these days, love the look of vintage and modern mixed. I love color and when patterns, color, and texture mix in an interesting way. I really had no real direction besides that…I just kept saying that I wanted it to be a room for a boy. I began trying to incorporate everything we love into his room and hoped it would somehow create unity when combined. A little bit of animal fun {our dogs and pigs bc I’m obsessed), hunting {Matt’s love}, patterns, travel, planes {Matt’s other love}, rustic, etc…our little one’s well rounded boy room…a little bit of DIY and store bought.

Roman’s Room

A traditional, peaceful nursery for our first baby  boy.

Lyla’s Hot Pink Room

When we moved into our house, my daughter’s room was deep purple on the top, and light lavender on the bottom with tons of flower decals and quotes on the walls.  There was also dated white carpet, which we have unfortunately not replaced.  So, we tried to make the best of it.
We started by boldly wallpapering one wall.  It is an intense pattern, so we just went with one wall.  Then we painted the walls the same color as the wallpaper background.  Then, we just filled in with mostly white furniture and bold accents on the bed with pillows.  It’s a bright room, and the lightness it has now is so cheery.  My daughter’s favorite thing?  Her desk!  A $49 find at IKEA.  It’s actually a bench, but we used it’s the perfect size for a 4 year old.

Baby R’s Sweet Space

We wanted a space that was feminine and sweet but not your typical “princess” look for our little girl.  Using white, yellow and gray as our main colors gave us exactly the look we were going for.  We also wanted to incorporate personal aspects and details from our families to make it a truly unique space.

Fabulously Theme-less Eclectic and Fun Nursery!

This nursery was my labor of love for my sweet new baby girl.  For nine months (and then some) I collected all kinds of new and old goodies, created many of my own DIY projects, and put it all together to create a wonderful haven for our little bundle of joy.  It’s my favorite room in the house!

Rowan’s room

Our newest project: a crisp and clean navy, grey, and white nursery. Since kids’ toys have so much color in them already, we chose this neutral palette to let them shine. We also have to use this room as a guest room, so we found a way to accommodate a queen-sized sleeper sofa, which doubles as an excellent place to snuggle up with our boys.

Elegant Glam Baby Nursey

This project was done for a beautiful baby girl, Emma.  Mom did not want a themed room, but wanted something simple yet elegant.  This was my first time decorating a baby’s room, and I had so much fun doing it.  I can’t wait for another one!

Little Girl’s Butterfly Room

My daughter’s room was a blank slate.  The walls were builder’s beige.  I wanted a fun and colorful space for my daughter to relax and play.

MJ’s Girly Abode

I am a girly girl and I wanted nothing more than for my sweet girls room to be as girly as possible!  I was on a budget after purchasing the furniture so a lot of the elments are made by your truly.