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Gray Nursery Ideas

Soft and Sophisticated Safari nursery

I had so much fun putting together this nursery for our first and only babe, Renley. The baby safari animals with floral crowns were the first piece we had for the room, and the paint and furniture was styled around this artwork. My style is very neutral and clean, and I wanted the nursery to blend with the rest of our home but with a more fun and girly vibe. We love the way her room turned out and it makes all the time we spend in there so much more enjoyable!

All Dots for Audri

I sought out to create a monochrome nursery, complete with black/white patterns to stimulate our Audri Grace! I quickly learned that my ideas for using black, would overpower the aesthetic. With hues of gray, lilac, white and a hint of gold, coupled with a bold pattern – “All Dots!” – I was able to create my vision for a stimulating, yet calming space. Each piece of decor was identified with the hopes that baby would, one day, enjoy discovering it’s placement in her room.

Elegant Baby Girl Nursery in NYC Apartment

I started designing this nursery in March 2020, right before COVID-19 wreaked havoc on NYC. Thankfully, we had already converted our 2 bedroom apartment into 3 bedrooms by adding tension walls to our dining room area in order to create a small nursery.  Since all retail stores were closed near us, I spent countless hours online shopping.
When I first started decorating, I really didn’t have a theme in mind.  I just knew I wanted it to look elegant with a pink and grey color scheme.  Once I had the essentials (the crib, changing table and recliner) I started browsing sites for decorative items.  It was then that I realized I was drawn to butterflies, flowers and bunnies so the nursery eventually took on an ethereal theme!
The room is quite small with only one dresser that doubles as a changing table so we built a shelving unit above it to display all her pretty clothes.  We also purchased a crib with a built in drawer that houses all her blankets, swaddles and other large items. Since my husband and I were both working from home due to COVID-19, we needed an additional workspace so we added a lucite desk and chair which doubled as a console table.  My favorite items in the nursery are the chandelier which brings elegance and warmth to the room, and the mobile made of butterflies and flowers which evokes a sense of peace and tranquility.
The nursery has become everyone’s favorite room in the apartment as it very cozy and quiet.  My husband takes business calls in there when I’m out with the baby, and my son plays with his toys next to the crib so he can keep an eye on his little sister (and wake her up when she’s sleeping, sigh!)

Let the Adventure Begin Nursery

Let the Adventure Begin Nursery

I specialize in E-design and this was my most recent completed design for my amazing client. Photography provided by Alexis Aleman Photography

Lime Green and White Nursery with Heart Patterned Wallpaper

Lime Green and White Nursery

This modern lime green nursery is particularly special to us because it was designed for a very good friend. She and her husband wanted to create a fresh and modern space for their new baby girl. They came to us knowing that they wanted the room to include fun, patterned wallpaper, modern nursery furniture and a unique alternative to the standard nursery glider.

Coral, Turquoise and Gray Nursery

Blaikley’s Coral, Turquoise and Gray Nursery

I absolutely love this hand painted stencil on the walls. It added such a pop, and in a neutral gray it was easy to coordinate with any color. Refinishing a vintage dresser in turquoise was the perfect amount of color we needed to go with her neutral crib and rocker.

Gray and Navy Nautical Nursery Room View

Gray & Navy Nautical Nursery

Our intention with the design of our first child’s nursery was to create a room that could grow with him.  We didn’t want it to be too ‘baby’.
Both my husband and I have grown up on the water and enjoy all the activities that go along with that lifestyle.  We wanted to reflect our love of offshore fishing and the nautical lifestyle.  Unfortunately, the majority of nautical themed nursery items are sailboat related.  Although we appreciate the beauty of sailboats, our families have never been into sailing as a hobby.  Creating a space that reflected our boating and beach lifestyle, required a little more creativity on my part.

Gray Striped Orange and Aqua Nursery Crib

Aqua, Orange, and Grey Nursery

Creating this room for our sweet baby boy truly was a labor of love! My main goal for the nursery was to create something that was bright and whimsical but not too “babyish”, that way he can grow into it.

Gray and Yellow Preppy Nursery Whole Room

Sweet Baby James’ Nursery

I wanted a clean and simple space with lots of natural light. I also wanted lots of colors and textures without having “characters” or a “theme” to his nursery. I started with gray and white and added in golden yellow and a little blue. I didn’t mean for it to but his nursery actually turned out very gender neutral.

Purple and Gray Modern Glamour 1

Mila’s Purple/Gray Modern Glamour

This nursery was near and dear to me, since it was designed for my youngest daughter nine months ago. This Purple/gray nursery has a vintage, chic feel with a few modern pieces and personalized DIY elements.

Alayna’s French Lavender Nursery

This is a nursery we created for our daughter that we recently adopted.  I wanted things that I love in this room: lavender, things that reminded me of France, children’s books, things that are cozy and snuggly, and most of all pictures of our baby girl, us and her birth parents who gave us the most amazing gift in the world!

Liv’s Lounge

Liv’s Lounge is a whimsy mix of modern and shabby chic. I am all about color, different textures & patterns and unique design. I really wanted her room to be something that will grow with her. I don’t care for baby-ish themes so I just started buying pieces that struck my fancy. Luckily, by accident, everything came together perfectly! I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product!

Colorful & Patterned Nursery

I wanted Ezekiel’s nursery to be colorful and fun without any real theme.  I always loved patterns, such as stripes and chevron, so I started there.  In order for the room to be colorful, but not too overwhelming, we painted the walls grey and had the carpets and crib grey as well.  Then we added touches of our favorite colors – green, teal, orange, and yellow – in fun patterns.

Grey and Tangerine Modern {Woodland Inspired} Nursery

My husband and I both love things with a modern look and a tiny twist of vintage. When I was pregnant, we had no idea what we wanted to do for the nursery, the only thing we knew for sure was that we didn’t want to go the “traditional baby blue” route. We knew we both loved grey as a neutral and then we ended up adding a few pops of tangerine for fun!

Zoe’s Project Nursery

I’d just like not to use pink colors, even for a baby girl. I felt in love with the color i choose because of the calm it still inspires me. I decided to do everything by my hands for my baby, so every drawing is made by me and by my pregnant belly !!!You can see how was the room before in the first picture ….