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Orange and Teal Nursery

This nursery is for my son Levi and it was so much fun to plan and decorate this special room for him!


Calm and Soothing Nursery

I designed this nursery for my sweet baby boy.  We wanted a nursery that was calm and soothing…easily changed to work for a baby girl later on…and not too babyish!  The walls are grey, the linens are white, and the furniture is mostly white.  The bookshelves and woven shade are chocolate.


Scratch Off Cards Gender Reveal

We had a unique way to announce our pregnancy to our parents so we wanted to do something equally as unique to let them know the gender of the baby.
We ended up creating scratch-off cards to reveal the gender. We wanted to do something different than what we have seen other couple’s do but keep it really casual. We asked our parents to sit around the table, gave them a coin and waited for their response.


Happy & Bright

Who says gender-specific has to be boring? When we bring Baby home in the next week or two–boy or girl–this cozy retreat will provide a mini wonderland of sherbet-sweet color, nature-inspired fantasy, and meaningful touches in every corner.