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Elegant Pink Floral Nursery

I was so excited when my clients shared such a clear picture of what they wanted for their soon-to-be daughter’s nursery. This project all started with a very special request; to design a room that evokes the same feeling as their recent garden-themed wedding! I drew inspiration from floral arches, hanging chandeliers and soft rose accents to create an ethereal concept with elegant touches sprinkled throughout.
We started by sourcing an oversized rose wallpaper as the focal point and added pink accents for a kiss of colour through a patterned blush rug, muslin crib sheet, sheer canopy and two-tiered felt mobile. I’m a big fan of layering neutral and textural pieces into my designs to tone down a room’s colour palette. I truly can’t get over the stunning wood carved rosette crib, arched metallic mirror and white beaded pendant that we selected. And what’s a nursery without function? We added my go to favourite seagrass lided bins and brought in some smaller canvas pom pom bins to hold extra books and baby toys.
I love sourcing unique products from around the world and this dreamy linen floral wall trophy adds just a touch of French flare right when you walk in. To personalize the space even further, we framed my client’s stunning wedding headpiece in a delicate shadow box — what a special way to celebrate this beautiful couple’s love story. The end result is a charming nursery… like their very own secret garden.
“I am sure there is magic in everything.”
– Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden


Sparkly Cherry Blossom nursery turned big girl room

My sparkly Cherry Blossom nursery was recently transformed into a big girl’s room.
Her mom did a beautiful job decorating. The tree is hand-painted and full of tiny crystals. The furniture is from Romina.


Fun, Fresh and Feminine Flower Nursery

Fun, Fresh and Feminine Flower Nursery

The first item I purchased for the nursery was the bedding. I absolutely feel in love with it! The crib, nursery chair and dresser were passed down from Brinley’s older brother who is 3 now.The rest of the decor seemed to fall into place. The flowers on the wall were my mom’s idea, she saw a nursery at a client’s house that had them and told me about them… With my love for crafting I made a bunch of paper flowers myself. The bow and headband holders were made by my super talented and also very crafty best friend.


Carolyne’s Church Dedication

We had our daughter dedicated at church and wanted to celebrate the special occasion with our family and close friends. The decor was simple, and all DIY, but still made for a perfect lunch!

Sisters Shared Room Changing Pad

Big C and Little S’ Shared Room

With our first child, Chase, I had preterm labor and was on bed rest.  Chase ended up coming three weeks early.  So, I never really got to put his nursery together the way I wanted.  However, any pieces we bought for the nursery I tried to make sure it would work for either a boy or girl as we planned on having a second child.  About two months after Chase turned one, we found out we were expecting.  When we found out it would be a girl, I wanted to make sure this time around I would have everything ready.  This wasn’t too lofty of a goal since they would be sharing a room.  This is actually their second room since we recently moved back to Southern California from San Francisco.  This room is actually a lot smaller than the one they had in San Francisco.  However, it helped me pare down all their things and focus on key pieces for the room.

Girl Gray DIY Nursery Room View

Noora’s Nursery

I wanted to create a serene and elegant nursery for Noora that highlighted the things that matter most to us: reading and discovery, family and friends, and our Arab heritage.  I chose a soft color palette of light grey walls, white furniture, and accents of pink, blue and beige.  The theme is both soft/floral and storybook-based.  The nursery is full of personal touches and gifts including a couple of DIY projects, a framed cross-stitch from my sister, many books that are gifts from close friends and family, a cute Arabic alphabet poster to remind Noora of the joys of reading and her heritage and a knit sweater from grandma.

Cute and Cozy Girl Nursery Crib

Cute & Cozy Nursery

When we found out we were having a girl I immediately started thinking about the nursery. I knew I didn’t want anything too girly or with tons of pink. I wanted a cute and cozy place for her since her room is on the small side. I wanted to use lots of colors and patterns throughout the space.

Green and Purple Girl Nursery Wall Art

Purple and Green Nursery

I wanted the room to be pretty, but playful. I knew I would be spending lots of time in the nursery, so I wanted it to be a room I would enjoy – it quickly became my favorite room in the house! There is a lot of lavender in nursery decor, but very little purple! When I found the purple sheets with the white elephants from Land of Nod I quickly grabbed them. Then the elephant theme came to life. My father-in-law and my husband painted the green stripes, which I knew I wanted from the very beginning. I found the purple ruffle curtains and various purple, green and elephant items along the way. But even with all the fun items I compiled for the room, something was needed to pull it all together. That’s where Grandma came in with the gift of a custom made quilt, which incorporated both the purples and greens and completed the nursery.


Modern Garden Nursery

A garden nursery for my first! I’m an addicted DIY’r and managed to save a lot of money as well as create some unique looks for my baby girl’s room.


Briana’s Boudoir

Briana is new little sister to 20 month old Brooklyn.  Both nurseries are upstairs in our home, so we wanted to make sure that there is always a place for mommy or daddy to sleep on difficult nights with the girls.  We also wanted to keep the option of using this room for guests when family or friends are in town, so we made the decision to keep the TV and the queen bed in the room.


The Bottle Themed Baby Shower

We wanted to have a small, low-key, coed, adult-friendly baby shower with our closest friends – something that wasn’t necessarily too baby-themed. As a result, we came up with the bottle theme: a beer bottle to represent my husband, a champagne/wine bottle for me, and a milk bottle for Baby Lucy.


Addison’s Flower and Fairy Garden

Addison’s big girl room was designed by her Mom.  A sparkling flower garden was painted around her bed and I added a few whimsical fairies throughout the garden. The flowers and fairies are bejeweled with crystals and glitter paint. Her name was also hand-painted to match the room.  The quote on the wall is “Like glittering dust on fairy wings, little girl dreams are of magical things.”


A Room for Remy

This project had a strict budget so most of the items were DIY. I did not want her nursery to have a theme, because I am always changing things! The room was small so I tried not to go overboard with a lot of different colors and focused on small details for character. I hope it is a room she grows up to love! :)


Pearcy’s Colorful Nursery

We have tried for years to have a child and when our dream finally came true, we wanted to create a super fun and colorful nursery.   I didn’t want a room that was a sea of pastel colors.  I wanted a room that would grow with her.  I also wanted to incorporate lots of different fabrics and as much color as possible.  My ultimate goal was to try to create a room that maybe some day she would be happy to call it her own.
We did not tell anyone her name until she got here.  We all called her Sparkle during the pregnancy.