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Flora and Fauna

The girl who lives in this room is girly, bubbly, full of energy and loves color.  So we wanted to design a room which matched her personality.  This room has very tall vaulted ceilings and is full of light so could handle the bold color combinations we chose.


Kumari Gardens Nursery

I wanted something whimsical, eclectic, and colorful. I also wanted it to be a room that could grow with her. **It’s still a work in progress… my husband has to finish putting up her crown molding and we need to get new fixture plates**


Pink and Green Girl’s Nursery

I wanted to create a nursery that was feminine and bright, but not too “babyish”.  We also wanted to stick to a budget and completed a few DIY projects for the room.  My mom was a huge help and did the sewing for the curtains and crib skirt and helped with the wall stencil!