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La Bandita Bonita Playroom

A modern Spanish twist on a sweet playroom. This space has seating for seven, storage for tons of toys, an art station with supply storage built-in, and a lot of color!

Rustic Modern Nursery

Rustic Modern Nursery/Guest Room

This rustic modern nursery was designed from scratch on a small budget between $1,000 and $1,500. The goal was to provide a space that could be used as a guest room as well as a nursery, so the decor needed to be “adult” enough for any visitors, but with a nod to nursery.
The design aesthetic of rustic modern came from the blending of all the elements in the clients’ home so that the room fit seamlessly with the rest of their house. The final product uses primarily neutrals – grey, cream, beige (or gold, really) – but has just a touch of peach hinted throughout.


Gender Neutral Eclectic Nursery

My husband and I waited five year before finally successfully conceiving. With a little help from science and lots of patience we were expecting our first child. It was so surreal at the time to be decorating a nursery. I felt the room had to be very personal and somewhat reflect our life style that would soon be welcoming this tiny human into our family.


Frankie Rose’s Illustrated Nursery

Frankie’s nursery is very small — just 6′ x 9′ — so we needed to stick to the bare essentials while also making sure the room could be used for a variety of activities, like sleeping, playing, nursing, and changing, since the rest of our house is equally tight on space.


Webb’s Gender Neutral Rustic Modern Nursery

For our second son’s nursery we were using a former guest room that gets a lot of light, so we wanted to keep the palette neutral, airy, and mature. We didn’t want to be tied down by a set theme, but decided that rustic, barn-inspired accents would make it feel a little more masculine.


Beach Baby Nursery

I’ve been dreaming of a beach baby nursery since trying to have a baby for 5 years now.  Not knowing the sex of your baby is so fun.  Especially when it tortures your family.  The beach is quite unisex but Max can make his room surf or nautical or pirates whenever he pleases. Until then we will relax in our little tropical paradise.


Bela’s Room

I designed this bedroom for my eight-year-old girl Bela. We both got really trired of her pink walls and thought it was time to freshen up a bit. I wanted to create a timeless space for her. So I opted for neutral color walls, lots of geometric patterns, streamline furniture pieces, and colorful accents. The space feels so airy and yet very cozy.

Girly Gold Alphabet Wall

Girly Gold Nursery

Lennyn’s girly gold nursery is a sweet soft space accented with gold antique and chic details. Burlap, Lace & Gold, oh my!


Small Modern Nursery

The room we had to work with is very small so I knew I had to be efficient with my use of the space. I also wanted to achieve a feminine, but not too girly look for our baby  so I used navy blue with light pink accents for this modern small nursery.

Hamptons Inspired Nautical/Travel Nursery

Hamptons Inspired Coastal Nursery

A classic nursery that combines both nautical & travel inspired elements.  Not wanting anything too theme specific, we incorporated coastal & travel components into one cohesive nursery using muted shades of blue and gray, natural wood tones, & mixed metals.


Baby L’s Pink and Gray Nursery

We wanted a calm, soft space with some old and new elements mixed in. The room features some vintage blankets, hints of metallics, retro starburst mirrors, and lots of fluffy white and sheepskin!


Bright & White Big Girl Room

When we moved into a new home recently it was the perfect opportunity to trade in our daughter’s nursery for a “big girl room”. I wanted a cheerful and bold space for our colorful girl, but I also love fresh, bright rooms, so decided to go with a white backdrop and add happy punches of pink, turquoise and yellow. This room just makes me happy every time I walk by, and I love how it reflects the fun personality of our little girl.

Aqua and Gray Nursery

A Perfectly Pretty Bird-Themed Nursery for Less Than $150

Being a second child doesn’t mean your nursery hand-me-downs have to look like it. This perfectly pretty turquoise, yellow and pink bird-themed nursery, featured on A Happy Hue, cost less than $150 to put together and the results are stunning.