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Pink and Gold Nursery

Gold Bunny Nursery

I was so excited to create this space for our daughter when we moved shortly after her first birthday. I am completely in love with anything gold and pink and wanted to go with this theme. Bunny is a nickname I have called her and once I found the wall decals I thought that would be a sweet nod. Honestly I thought they were going to be incredibly difficult to put up but to my surprise, it went very quickly. My biggest advice, just go for it and don’t let planning on paper get you discouraged. Put them on the wall using painters tape to get a general idea first and then start your measuring and sticking!
My daughter loves forts and tents so I thought a teepee would be so fun. I used a combination of tutorials from Pinterest and came up with this one. Most of the supplies were purchased from Lowes and I just spray painted PVC pipes. I love the gold accents and pompoms. I added the pompoms onto the curtains as well to keep theme going. I can say that she plays in her teepee every day and am so glad she enjoys it!
I have been in love with the Rifle Paper Co print of Washington DC and I felt the colors fit our theme perfectly. We have been living in the DC Metro for a couple years now and I enjoy being able to bring our love for the city into the nursery.


A Whimsical Basement Playroom

We transformed a neutral basement space into a colorful playroom for our toddlers. We used many items that we already had on hand and lots of organization to create a cozy, whimsical space to enjoy the winter months. We painted one wall with chalkboard paint, strung up some outdoor cafe lights and hung some art on the walls.

Black and White Unique and Modern Nursery

Unique and Modern Nursery

Welcome to our baby girl’s nursery! So excited to share it with all of you! Her nursery is in a modern style with very neutral tones and pops of color through books and toys. This nursery is quite transitional in that we have used pieces that can either grow with our baby girl or be used for a second child down the road should God will it.

Vintage Biplane Nursery

Parkers Vintage Biplane Nursery

Vintage Biplane. I chose to go for a more mature nursery theme and something baby Parker could grow into and enjoy for years to come.  I love the classic colors and vintage feel of the room, but also love the crisp lines and modern style.

Turquoise and Coral Nursery

Kate’s Modern Turquoise and Coral Nursery

This nursery was designed when I found out that my husband and I were having a baby girl. I wanted the room to be fun and bright and love the turquoise and coral color combination.

Rustic Modern Nursery

Rustic Modern Nursery/Guest Room

This rustic modern nursery was designed from scratch on a small budget between $1,000 and $1,500. The goal was to provide a space that could be used as a guest room as well as a nursery, so the decor needed to be “adult” enough for any visitors, but with a nod to nursery.
The design aesthetic of rustic modern came from the blending of all the elements in the clients’ home so that the room fit seamlessly with the rest of their house. The final product uses primarily neutrals – grey, cream, beige (or gold, really) – but has just a touch of peach hinted throughout.

Woodland Forest Nursery

Norah Ashley’s Woodland Forest Nursery

A perfect woodland forest nursery for Norah to let her imagination run wild. The wallpaper creates the woods feel, the wooden planked wall to soften, the pendant tree lights to give the idea she is surrounded by nature. Bunnies freely flying above her head, a deer clock ticking her to sleep, a bird house lighting up the dark night. What a magical place to sit, feed and sleep in.


Allie’s Dream Suite Nursery

Modern, clean, unique, and whimsical. I wanted a space that is very inviting since I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in it. Also, I was going for a completely different feel than my older daughter’s room which has a shabby-chic vibe, and cool colors.


Pink Delight Nursery

I wanted to keep her nursery light fresh and airy.  By keeping the paint really soft with ‘ Pure Pink’ by Dulux.  Adding wainscotting for some visual interest and soft star wall decals for that extra something,   Incorporating light weight fabrics with contrast of rustic accents. Starting with the bones of the room and working yourself up with furniture and accessories.

Vintage Glam Nursery

Everly Kate’s Vintage Glam Nursery

This vintage glam nursery was designed for my baby girl, Everly Kate. I wanted to welcome her home with a vintage glam nursery that was timeless and sophisticated, yet functional.

Gender Neutral Nursery

Gender Neutral Nursery

I created this gender neutral nursery for my daughter before she was born and knew her gender.


DIY Felt Drawer Pulls

The Challenge..? Most standard metal or wood dresser knobs feel a bit dangerous for babies who are exploring, cruising and learning to walk. Our daughter kept putting her mouth over the semi-sharp metal knobs and since she is so wobbly on her feet we imagined her falling and chipping her little teeth. Since we knew we had to get rid of the metal knobs we soon came up with a surprisingly beautiful alternative.


A Colorful Nursery with a Hint of the Tropics

This is a colorful nursery for my second baby due January 17, 2016 (and currently still cooking!).  Because my son is just two, we weren’t ready to give up all of his nursery furniture just yet.  We kept things simple in this fresh space for the much anticipated addition to our family!


Dino-mite Dinosaur 3rd Birthday Party

WE had a ROAR-ingly good time at my son’s Dinosaur 3rd Birthday Party. The kids had such a great time and the dino theme was easy to put together. It was DINO-mite!


Mila Noelle’s Pink and Gold Nursery

I wanted a to create a warm, nurturing space that could grow with our daughter. I pulled together a collection of vintage, handcrafted, re-purposed and new items to achieve the look I wanted for our baby girl’s room.


Margaret’s Tiny, Vintage Nursery

My husband is in the military so we move a lot and consequently rent our home which means we can’t do any dramatic or permanent decorating.  This nursery had the additional challenge of being tiny–the previous renters had actually been using it as a walk-in closet tiny.  This was our first daughter after three boys so I wasn’t going to let a little thing like size stop me from making her nursery adorable.  And certainly not “gender neutral” :)