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Frankie Rose’s Illustrated Nursery

Frankie’s nursery is very small — just 6′ x 9′ — so we needed to stick to the bare essentials while also making sure the room could be used for a variety of activities, like sleeping, playing, nursing, and changing, since the rest of our house is equally tight on space.


Clara’s Nursery

I loved the idea of painting the nursery a pale peachy pink and having cream and gold accents.  I used a mix of old and new to create a vintage look with a modern twist.

Vintage Gray Nursery Glider

Declan’s Vintage Grey Nursery

I’d been dreaming up ideas for my son’s nursery as soon as we found out he was on his way.  Knowing we’d probably be spending a lot of sleepless nights in this space I really strived to create a soothing and inviting place using a variety of fabrics in greys and creams.  I also brought in some vintage touches for a more rustic feel.  I tried to get as creative as I could with the budget so the room is filled with lots of diy projects.  For more you can visit us at

Boy Red and White Nursery Monogrammed Wall

Zane’s Nursery

Our sweet baby boy’s nursery a modern take on a football themed room.

All-White Nursery

Alessandra’s All-White Nursery

I like to think this all-white nursery reflects a country-vintage style.  It was a labour of love and took several months to pull together.  I was also very budget conscious throughout this project.  Many of the items in the nursery are second-hand or DIY projects.  I also did not have a lot of space to work with, so I put the change table in the closet and chose smaller furniture items.


Peaches and Creme Nursery, Made with Love

I had many different ideas and possible themes for our baby’s nursery (just check out my Pinterest Boards and you will see for yourself!)  I DID know that I wanted to use peach and coral colours for a girl’s room though, so once we found out we were having a baby girl that is where we started.  From there I got a few inspirational pieces (such as the image of the little girl eating the peach and the pair of little ceramic baby shoes) and I collected items that we already had from my childhood and from around our house (such as the quilt, the cradle, the ballerina music box, my knit and stuffed animals friends etc.) and her room started taking shape. Once I started my various handmade and DIY projects  her peaches and creme, feminine antique nursery with birdy accents really started coming to life.  Most of the projects in this nursery are handmade DIY projects and lots of the furniture we got for free, or on Kijiji, and re-vamped them to freshen them up and make them fit with the nursery.  This was definitely a nursery on a budget, the retail value of the larger items in the room would have come to around $1600 but we only spent $200 on all of those items!! So hopefully this nursery is inspiring and an example that you can create a really cute nursery on a budget!


Scout’s Dreaming Space

The nursery is themeless. I just wanted a sweet, peaceful space for imagination and dreams. (Professional photos by Del Benson)


Pink and Cream Girl’s Nursery

This was a “re-do” from my daughter’s original nursery since we moved.  Originally, she’d had a brown wall with pink polka dots & the other 3 walls were pink.  This time, we went with 1 pink wall & the other 3 are a cream color (Elmira White – Sherwin Williams).  


Gray and Cream Baby Girl’s Nursery

I have one other daughter who has a pink, cream, & brown room.  I wanted something totally different in this baby girl’s room.  It started with the gray (Annapolis gray to be specific) walls & went from there.  Only 1 wall is stenciled.  The others were left in plain gray paint.


Gina’s Vintage Girls Room

The shape and size of the room was the biggest challenge, especially that it didn’t have any closets or space for storage.  Once we settled on the custom designed bed with built-in closets and storage space, it all fell into place.


Very Cream

I’m expecting my third child and the nursery has been the same with all of my babies, it’s very cream as originally we didn’t know what we were having and never changed it for my second child..should i keep it the same for my third??? really not sure, anyway this is how it is now.


Monocromatic White Toddler Room

My daughter’s room is a very small nook in the master bedroom. It is 5×7 feet. We had to make it functional, but I really wanted something magical as well, so I tried to find a happy balance between the two.