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Big Boy Bedroom

Victor’s Big Boy Bedroom

Not too long ago I was planning a nursery. But as every parent knows, time flies by and soon enough you get yourself planning the kids college education instead. Sigh…
When we moved to our current house I was about 5 months pregnant. It was such a special time with the expectation of the new addition to our family of four plus our new house. We were experiencing lots of new beginnings, as well as a ton of design projects, like the nursery for the new baby. For my third pregnancy, we decided to surprise ourselves and not find out the sex of the baby. So, when I designed this gender neutral space, I used timeless artwork throughout the room and neutral colors. No blues or pinks. I also wanted this nursery to be a continuation of the design style of our new house. So I brought lots of white and rustic wood tones to this room just like we have throughout the rest of the house. But my main design goal for this space was to create a room that could be easily transformed from a nursery to a big boy bedroom.
Baby Victor came along on July 27, 2012. During a hot Summer night in 2014, while washing the dishes, I heard a loud thud sound and an instant cry coming from upstairs. Before the little guy turned 2, he had already managed to climb his way out of the crib. We gave it another try thinking that maybe it had been a lucky night when he managed to “escape”, but the very next night, we were faced with the same scenario. So out goes the crib and in comes the bed. I chose this IKEA bed because of its color, clean lines, and the bonus large drawers underneath it for the much-needed storage space. This bed is perfect for this room. We added some acrylic shelving next to the new bed for his favorite books plus a few new wall decals. A fun bedding from Dwell Studio plus some modern pillows and voila, we had a big boy bedroom for the “big” guy.
On the other side of the room, facing the crib and bed area, I designed a desk, dresser, and changing station. We custom made a desk using the same wood from the other side of the room and an IKEA’s old dresser that I used to have in my bedroom. Eliminating the changing pad when we were diaper free was all that was needed to have a full functioning desk for future homework sessions. Most of the decor stayed the same. How could someone ever get too grown up for a daily dose of Sharon Montrose’s gorgeous animal prints, right?
I adore his “big” boy room as much as I did his nursery.


Super Bathroom!

A fun and functional bathroom for 3 growing boys ages 0 to 5 years old.

Kid's Cabin Themed Playroom

Colorful Camp Themed Playroom

A fun kid’s camp themed playroom with wonderful pops of color! We turned a boring, no-storage office into an organized and fun camp-themed playroom.


James’ bright yet calming big boys room

James’ room is  modern and fresh; the focal point is the detailed Scandinavian-inspired blue and white wallpaper of rolling hills and little creatures. There’s plenty of room for relaxing and reading with bookshelves and a beanbag. There’s a subtle rainbow theme in the rainbow felt garland, confetti pillowcase and rainbow hot air balloon that add this real sense of fun and wonder

Tropical and Vibrant Nursery

Charlotte’s Tropical + Vibrant Nursery

I designed this nursery especially for my daughter, Charlotte.  Perhaps best described as tropical, exotic, and colorful, I filled it with elements I believe reflect adventure, curiosity, and beauty – three things I’m sure will come to describe her, too.


Shared Girl/Boy Vintage Nursery

A shared nursery space for a 19 month old girl and soon to arrive baby boy done on a budget with lots of love, diy projects and finds from Goodwill and thrift shops!


Girly Chevron and Polka Dots

For me, the nursery planning started the moment when I found out this little bean, my third after having two boys, was a girl! I had ooo’d and aww’d over many a baby girl nursery before but never thought i’d be decorating one of my own one day. In my mind, I was always destined to have 3 boys! 
I knew right off the bat I wanted purple and turquoise, and I new I wanted chevron and polka dots… so I headed straight to Etsy for inspiration. Most people head to pinterest, I know I know, I’m just an Etsy girl.
I thought starting with the perfect bedding would be a good place to start and after endlessly searching I could not find a set that had everything I was looking for to save my life. Hmph. So I had to switch gears, I had to think outside of the box.. I went to a fabric site instead. After a lot of trial and error I finally came up with an inspiration board of fabrics that I knew I would love…. and the rest fell into place with the help of some seriously knock-your-socks-off vendors, a few fun DIY projects, and a lot of love <3

Blue and Green Buggy Bash Table Spread

River’s Buggy Bash

I was planning a 1st birthday party at our house for around 50 people.  I wanted there to be a colorful table that was the focus of the party that would have all the desserts, candy, cake and cupcakes.  I spent a lot of late nights that last week making all the homemade touches which really brought the party to life.

Girl Blue and Coral Nursery Room View

Molly’s Blue and Coral Nursery

For Molly’s nursery, I wanted to use items I already had and new items that I could use for years to come. I also wanted to mix old family items with new modern items.

Boy Alligator Nursery Corner of Room

Jonah’s Alligator Inspired Nursery

The inspiration for Jonah’s nursery came from the Alligator Madras bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids. After browsing nurseries high and low, my husband and I saw the bedding set, and ran with the idea of incorporating alligators into his nursery.
We had a very small space to work with, and we knew we wanted the room to be as bright, colorful, and cheerful as possible…while making the most of every square inch.
Although the room is small in size, the amount of character we’ve added cannot be contained within these walls :)


Baby Banner’s Room

The sayings in the white frames say:
“So many of our smiles begin with you.”
“Before you were born, we dreamed of you, we imagined you, we prayed for you. Now that you are here, we hope for you, we love you, we thank God for you.”
“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.”


Sesame Street Birthday Party

At a tender age of not quite 2, it was obvious that my daughter loved three things: my cell phone, my high heels, and SESAME STREET. I think I can officially state for the record that Elmo was the first love of her life. So, picking her party theme was a no-brainer. I was on a budget, and her party included a lot of DIY projects to save money, but it still turned out cute as could be, very colorful, and an event to remember.


Milo’s Creative Cabin

Our mission with this nursery was to create a fun, functional space that was true to our personalities. A lot of time and thought went into each and every detail. We had DIY projects, we re-purposed old furniture and shopped for unique items to use as accessories. We placed an emphasis on developing a place that will inspire Milo to be the creative, fun-loving child we hope him to be and we did it!


Bright and Fun Shared Room

With babe #4 on the way, I needed to pair up two of my daughters! I wanted something fun, cheery, bright, and inviting.