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Nursery Perfection for a Princess!

Whats better than a decorative throw pillow to style a crib? Um, I know – a throw pillow in the shape of a cloud…and a tear…and chevron sheets! Adorning 2016’s trendiest colour palette for girls, pink and grey!
I had the pleasure of adding a little styling to Miescha’s nursery (which was pretty awesome to begin with), aiming to create warmth, balance and texture through a bit of layering with the use of rugs, throw pillows, blankets and mobiles; creating a room fit for only the finest of princesses.

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

For our son’s first birthday, which is in October, I wanted a Halloween theme, but also something cute, not creepy. So I picked “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”. The main colors are yellow and black chevron and white and orange polka dots. Pumpkins were everywhere! Pumpkin balloons, pumpkin beach balls, pumpkin decorating! Pumpkin coffee, cupcakes and candy too!

Pink, Grey and Navy Nursery

Pink, Grey and Navy Nursery

Raegan’s nursery is a girly mixture of pink, grey, and navy with lots of patterns of chevron and polka dots.

Small Modern Nursery

The room we had to work with is very small so I knew I had to be efficient with my use of the space. I also wanted to achieve a feminine, but not too girly look for our baby  so I used navy blue with light pink accents for this modern small nursery.

Blakes DIY Tribal Nursery

I would probably describe Blake’s nursery as Tribal Glam.  A mix of wild animals, patterns, bold colors and of course a touch of gold.

Circus Posters

Vintage Circus Nursery!

A vintage circus nursery for our sweet baby boy!  While the nursery is mostly gender neutral, I brought more blues, greens, and greys into the decor. The vintage circus decor brings some color, fun, and character to the room.  All of the different patterns are eye-catching as well.  I smile every time I’m in that unique and beautiful room!

Turquoise Changing Table with Peg Board

“Heavy on the DIY” Boy’s Nursery

We wanted to create a space that we’d look forward to spending time in.  My husband and I didn’t want the nursery to end up being just another room we didn’t fully utilize.  If it was beautiful and functional, we would love to be in there!  We also wanted his nursery to not have that “baby look” and be something that he will grow into.

Ocean Meets the Sky Star Nursery

Ocean Meets the Sky Star Nursery

My inspiration was a piece of artwork that was a wave made out of stars and another piece of children’s art called “where the ocean meets the sky”. I wanted to incorporate stars and the sea in the nursery and these pieces of art helped my vision come to life! I had a vendor on Etsy make me a sign that said “where the ocean meets the sky I’ll be Sailing”. Little by little I added designs of the sea and the sky

Ava’s Cherry Blossom Nursery

My husband and I used white, grey, and pink to create the cherry blossom nursery. We ordered a decal offline, and crafted several of the items. The crib sheet, pillow, curtains, wreath and button art “Ava” sign were all handmade, putting our friends, families, and own creativity to work. We also had a friend redesign her closet so that it was more functional and looked way better!

Blue and Gray Nursery

Elephant Nursery for Levi

We wanted to provide Levi a nursery that he could grow into as toddler by avoiding the typical baby elephant theme. Instead we used the elephant painting to inspire an artsy elephant nursery.

Woodland Nursery with Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Bowen’s Woodland Nursery

A fun woodland nursery for our baby boy! A reclaimed wood accent wall with bright colors and woodland elements create a unique space for our little one.

Brooks’ & Walker’s Shark Nursery

As soon as I learned that our twins were both boys, I knew I wanted to create a shark-themed nursery for them.  With cheeky artwork and “shark-tooth” chevron patterns, it was easy to convey a theme without being overkill.  I’m a minimalist, so naturally I didn’t want an eclectic, whimsical feel.  Instead, I chose a very classic design using trendy art, patterns, and furniture.

Ikat Zig Zag Wall Stencil in this Gender Neutral Nursery

Ikat Zig Zag Gender Neutral Nursery

Meet Audra, the DIY enthusiast behind the blog The Kurtz Corner.  Audra chose to create a gender neutral nursery.  She found that choosing colors that don’t exclusively identify with either gender like yellows, whites, oranges, greens, browns, grays, etc. is the best way to go.  After painting the wall several colors, she painted the Ikat Zig Zag Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

A Chevron Stenciled Little Girl’s Bedroom

This project was completed by Erin, the creative mama and DIYer behind the blog Suburban Bitches. Erin’s daughter was getting older and as she grew, she also needed her room to grow with her.