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Brais’ Construction 3rd Birthday

My son has been obsessed with cars and trucks lately so after looking for some inspiration on Pinterest i decided a classic construction party would be just perfect.

Jackson’s Traditional Bedroom

Jackson’s Nursery (with the crib converted to a toddler bed). The design was chosen because it can easily be converted to a “big boy room” when the time comes — dashed lines can be converted to solid lines and pictures can be swapped out for sports or car memorabilia.


Jacob’s Cheerful DIY Woodland Nursery

In creating a nursery for our new baby boy, I wanted to design a space that was bright, cheerful, neutral, and that would grow with him as he got older. The room is small, about 7′ x 9′, so space was definitely taken into consideration when choosing furniture. I hope Jacob has as much fun in his nursery as I did making it!


Fit for a Princess!

We bought a new home and our little one wanted a Princess room. We wanted to keep it simple yet fun for her. Most importantly, something that she can grow into. A lot of love went into this room. She helped pick out the majority of the big furniture pieces and bedding. Not bad for a 4 year old!

Girl Blue and Coral Nursery Room View

Molly’s Blue and Coral Nursery

For Molly’s nursery, I wanted to use items I already had and new items that I could use for years to come. I also wanted to mix old family items with new modern items.

Boy Red and White Nursery Monogrammed Wall

Zane’s Nursery

Our sweet baby boy’s nursery a modern take on a football themed room.

Boy Owl Nursery Room View

Jackson’s Owl Themed Nursery

This is for our 2nd baby and we are thinking we would like at least four children…SO with that, we wanted to select a theme that could work for both a boy and girl…we did find out the gender and expecting a sweet baby boy this September.  However, if the third or fourth child is a girl, we can definitely reuse elements of this design theme.
Also this room prior to becoming our second nursery was one of two guest bedrooms and housed my husband’s secondary work space.  His one request was to leave that area for when he needs peace & quiet.  I told him just for a few months!  We plan on keeping Jackson with us in our room on the first floor for the first couple months so breastfeeding can go smoothly.  He’ll sleep in his newborn napper pack-n-play unit.

Dinosaur 1st Birthday Party Cupcakes

Artcher’s Dinosaur 1st Birthday Party

We decided to throw a dinosaur themed party for my youngest son and have it at our favorite park. Artchie has a special dinosaur stuffed animal he loves to snuggle with and learned to make “ROAR” sounds like his big brother when playing with their dinosaur toys. It was an easy choice to make dinosaurs the running theme for his special first birthday.

Boy Gray and Orange Nursery Monogrammed Wall

London’s Nursery

This is our third boy so my husband and I really wanted to do something outside the box. I didn’t want the same old color blue just because we were having a boy, and we both didn’t want anything cartoon, or sports because my oldest son already had that theme. We wanted his nursery to grow with him, especially his furniture, and we definitely made that happen. With the crib that turns into a full bed, his changing table being a desk so when he gets older he can do his homework on it. My husband is a very great handy man and did a lot of the work, like the closet, and putting the pattern on the wall. We are very happy with the way everything came out. London is now 17 months old and he loves his room. He will come in here pull out his toy basket and play. This room isn’t big, however its just right for him.

Tiffani Thiessen Nursery

Mod Dot Nursery

Welcome to the Skip Hop Nursery Design Event! This nursery was designed by Tiffani Thiessen and was inspired by Skip Hop’s Complete Sheet, the Mod Dot Collection. For more information on the design event and for details on how you can win prizes daily click here.
– Project Nursery


Treetop Friends Nursery

Welcome to the Skip Hop Nursery Design Event! This nursery was designed by OhJoy and was inspired by Skip Hop’s Complete Sheet, the Treetop Friends Collection. For more information on the design event and for details on how you can win prizes daily click here. – Project Nursery


Baby Wolfrum’s Nursery

This is a nursery for my first baby girl. Of course once we found out we were having a girl I immediately started thinking about her nursery. I wanted something girly but not over the top. We decided to go with neutral colors and pops of baby pink. We also incorporated animal prints.