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Super Bathroom!

A fun and functional bathroom for 3 growing boys ages 0 to 5 years old.

Bright and Colorful Owl Nursery

Modern Owl Nursery

My husband and I are expecting our first child, a girl, in early September 2015. I wanted to design a bright, colorful, and happy owl nursery for her.


Emery’s Feathery Fox Nursery

I wanted to create a bright and airy space with pops of jewel tone colors. A little bit of gold glitter helped bring it all together.


Playful and Bright Shared Room

A playful shared girls and newborn boy room. The room was my sweet girl’s nursery, but I wanted to update into a playful and fun room for a growing girl and her new brother.

Tropical and Vibrant Nursery

Charlotte’s Tropical + Vibrant Nursery

I designed this nursery especially for my daughter, Charlotte.  Perhaps best described as tropical, exotic, and colorful, I filled it with elements I believe reflect adventure, curiosity, and beauty – three things I’m sure will come to describe her, too.


Hugo’s Vibrant Retreat.

Hugo is a vibrant and curious 4-year-old with a strong point of view on what he likes. We set out to create a fun and unique room for him in our new home, letting him help with the design process in every step. We wanted him to feel creative and comfortable in the new house and by letting him have control over his own space, we knew he’d be right at home.


Jacob’s Cheerful DIY Woodland Nursery

In creating a nursery for our new baby boy, I wanted to design a space that was bright, cheerful, neutral, and that would grow with him as he got older. The room is small, about 7′ x 9′, so space was definitely taken into consideration when choosing furniture. I hope Jacob has as much fun in his nursery as I did making it!


Girly Chevron and Polka Dots

For me, the nursery planning started the moment when I found out this little bean, my third after having two boys, was a girl! I had ooo’d and aww’d over many a baby girl nursery before but never thought i’d be decorating one of my own one day. In my mind, I was always destined to have 3 boys! 
I knew right off the bat I wanted purple and turquoise, and I new I wanted chevron and polka dots… so I headed straight to Etsy for inspiration. Most people head to pinterest, I know I know, I’m just an Etsy girl.
I thought starting with the perfect bedding would be a good place to start and after endlessly searching I could not find a set that had everything I was looking for to save my life. Hmph. So I had to switch gears, I had to think outside of the box.. I went to a fabric site instead. After a lot of trial and error I finally came up with an inspiration board of fabrics that I knew I would love…. and the rest fell into place with the help of some seriously knock-your-socks-off vendors, a few fun DIY projects, and a lot of love <3

Baby Girl Bright and Cheerful Nursery Couple

Baby’s Bright and Inviting Nursery

This used to be our home office and when we found out we were expecting, we knew it would be the perfect space for a nursery!  We started cleaning it out right away and found the most amazing light mint green paint from Valspar, which was the first thing we did.

Turquoise Striped and Pink Nursery Room Corner

Emmalyn’s Bright & Bold Nursery

I am not a big fan of pastel colors so I wanted something bright and fun for Emmalyn’s nursery. Her nursery is a pretty small room so I also needed to be extra creative with the space. I even took the closet door off and hung a curtain there instead to gain a few extra feet of space!


Vintage Inspired Nursery

This is my son’s vintage inspired nursery. He’s now 2, but this room will be perfect for him for another year or two since his crib converts into a toddler bed.


Candy Land Party

Colorful, fun, and bright event that brings the childhood board game to life!


Hallie’s Bright & Modern Nursery

We decided to keep the gender of our first bundle of joy a surprise, so the main goal of designing the nursery space was to keep it “gender neutral.”  Besides that, we really wanted a space that was bright, fun and not “babyish,” so our child could grow into it as the years passed.