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Little Man’s Airplane Third Birthday Party

My little guy has been obsessed with two things this year: trains and airplanes. Since he told us he wanted to be a Thomas for Halloween, airplane was the winner for the birthday theme as the day falls about 10 days after Halloween.
This year (the whole year) I have been testing and trying dairy/egg/soy free baking recipes. Ahaan is allergic to them but LOVES cakes and cupcakes. Last year, we had ordered a dairy/egg/soy free cake for his birthday. Which made me wonder about baking them at home instead of paying fortune to someone else. So the whole year, I tried and tested numerous recipes.
When his birthday rolled around, I was prepared….more or less. I baked all of the desserts (cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops). I also baked white bread for kids’ sandwiches (since store brought bread has dairy on them).
I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. But I think it turned out good. I was satisfied. I also DIYed a lot of decors and signs to ensure it matched the color scheme I had in mind.
Kids had a blast (I think) and adults enjoyed (I hope). :)


Softball 10th Birthday- Tweens

I designed this softball birthday party for my 10yr old. She’s been playing for 2 yrs and loves the sport. She is not fan of pink, so I had to keep that out and go with her fave colors, red, black and blue.

Cookie Monster Birthday Party

Cookie Monster First Birthday Party

At 4 months old, Aryana would giggle loudly as we said on our cutest voice “Cookie Monster”.  She also has a cookie monster puppet that she loves!
I decided with this connection to do a Cookie Monster Theme.


Robin, the Boy Wonder! 4th Birthday

I created this birthday party with my sons favorite superhero in mind, Robin the boy wonder. There aren’t many items out there with this theme, since Batman is the more popular of the characters, so it was quite difficult. I had to design and create most of the decor myself for that reason.


{Robot Birthday Party}

Ever since my little boyturned two I’ve wanted to throw a robot themed party.  I was finally able to convince him now that he was turning 5.  And let me tell you… he was really excited and mama was thrilled! So I’ve been researching ideas for a couple of years now and this is what I came up with.

Kitty Themed Party Cat Art

Kitty Themed 1st Birthday Party

For my daughters 1st birthday party, I decided on a kitty theme. She loves our cat and it has been one of her first words. I painted a pink kitty to be displayed. I also want to take her photo next to the kitty each year on her birthday to see how she has grown.
I found a darling red and white fabric to use for our tablecloth. I then used old tin cans to hold flowers cut from our yard. The plastic kitties I bought online and the kids liked playing with them.
The cake was in the shape of a kitty, sort of. You get the idea:) I used coconut on top to look like fur.
I took my daughters photo on the same day once a week so I ended up with 52 photos. I hung those on string with clothes pins to admire her photos while we ate. We liked seeing how she has grown and deciding who she looks like.
I cut fabrics in circles and squares and sewed them together to create the garland that I hung from the ceilings in the dining room, living room and kitchen.
I also purchased honeycomb tissue balls to hang together as 3 and then hang from the ceiling.
I made kitty ears out of gray fabric hot glued onto plastic headbands. The inner part of the ear on a kitty that is normally pink, was red and pink from our fabric. They are laying next to the picture of the cake.
We had a salad bar for supper. My daughter likes to eat blueberries, plain chicken, avocado and I wanted to serve something she would enjoy. I bought to go boxes from Publix and precut all of my salad toppings. It was beautiful and really good.


Animal + Zebra 3rd Birthday

I wanted a fun & colorful birthday for my son. I was browsing Pinterest for ideas and saw a neon animal party. I took that idea and ran with it, making a board of all kinds of animal themed ideas.


Evie’s 1st Birthday

I wanted to create a beautiful 1st birthday party for my little girl that was a little bit vintage and really girly with lots of pink and turquoise.  I basically made all the decorations myself and baked and iced everything I could think of that was sweet!


Preppy Pink & Navy Nautical First Birthday

I chose this nautical theme after deciding that we wanted to have my daughter, Eliza’s, 1st birthday party on the lake in our neighborhood. With a lakeside setting, a preppy pink and navy nautical celebration seemed to be the perfect fit!  After dinner, our little party guests built their own sailboats. My dad cut all the wood and my mom made the sails with leftover fabric from the backdrop. It was so cute to see a table of girls and one little boy using their hammer and nails to build sailboats. We then set sail in the lake! It was such a beautiful night and the perfect evening to celebrate our sweet girl!


{Vintage Poodle Birthday}

This lovely event is very special for this family as their eldest daughter was turning 10 years old and they wanted to celebrate in style.  The theme was an easy pick since Mom loves everything vintage and shabby chic.  The birthday girl loves dogs, specially french poodles, so we paired themes to please them both.  The tone of the party was set with pastel colors, vintage flower patterns, polka dots and with that I created all the labels, favor tags, banner and invitation.  The use of doilies and ribbon was carried throughout all the setup and details.
We were so lucky to have found a ceramic figure of a french poodle to tie in the dog theme to the shabby affair.  Other items we scattered around were faux pearl necklaces, fabric rose garlands and baby pictures of the birthday girl.
For dessert we served french macarons, cupcakes, donuts, brownies, strawberry parfaits, petit fours and key lime pies.  A stunning ombre ruffle cake by Jovanna Valentín was the show piece to complete the look.  For the sweet floral centerpieces, I used Geraldine roses, Gerberas and baby rosebuds and mason jars embellished with doilies and ribbon.
Stationary and styling: Partylicious
Cake and cupcakes: Jovanna Valentín ~ Jovadiel Party Shop
Macarons: Pastry Chef Lorriane Feliciano
Desserts: Noemí Nieves ~ Pastry Gallery


A Creepy, Crawly 4th Birthday

This was a reptile-themed birthday for my son’s 4th birthday. I used the colors orange, green and blue with a touch of brown to help tie it all together. It was hosted at a science center near our home. 


Peanut Butter and Jelly Playdate

Kids and peanut butter and jelly are natural bossum buddies. So when I suggested a play-date based around their favorite anytime food for Festivities Magazine there were cheers all around! We made peanut butter treats of all shapes and sized from peanut butter pie pops to peanut butter cups. The entire inspiration for this party came from a cakepan–one shaped like  a giant piece of bread that was perfect for decorating to look like a  big peanut butter sandwich. Tall glasses of milk were served to wash down all the peanut butter that was consumed.


Hot Pink and Orange Breakfast Party

A perfect birthday party to have on a Saturday morning for little girls who might want the sleepover experience, but aren’t quite old enough to spend the night yet.  At his highly styled pancake and pajama party from our first issue of Festivities Magazine, coffee was definitely optional with all this eye popping color at breakfast.  Hot pink and orange against a neutral white madecolor the star of the party and a big impression on our little guests. This