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Celestial Inspired Boys Room

This room was designed for a little boy to update his nursery to his “big boy” room.  The bead board wainscotting, convertible toddler bed and dresser were existing.  My client wanted a “celestial” theme that was not too “themey”.  This drove the design in that most (although not all) of the elements of the design were suggestive of the celestial theme, rather than literal.  This is how I prefer to approach children’s room design because it allows the room the grow with the child.  Who wants to completely redecorate every couple of years?!


R.J.’s Gray, White, and Red Closet Nursery

With a teenager and a light-sleeping toddler taking up the other bedrooms, we had to find a creative solution for our brand-new addition. Luckily, we have two closets in our master bedroom. It took some work to figure out how to shoehorn a nursery from this small space, but it’s working beautifully.


Automotive Junior Room

Boys & cars go hand in hand. When designing for a 4 year old boy, we didn’t have to look far for a creative theme when transforming this space into a cool & contemporary junior room. From a chain-link lamp, a headlight pendant, and your classic black and white racing pattern, there was no shortage of details for the littlest of car lovers.

Yellow, White and Gray Striped Accent Wall

Miles Modern Safari Nursery

We wanted a bold and bright modern safari nursery for our son. The stripes were really the jumping off point, and the yellow and grey set the tone for the rest of the items. When we found the rug it really grounded the room and the curtains allow for a lot of natural light during the day. He loves the lights, they give a great glow at night and soothes him while he gets his diaper change.


Orange, Aqua and Gray Twin Nursery

We wanted to create a truly contemporary, gender neutral nursery, for our boy and girl twins due this August. We tried to amalgamate the masculine with the feminine; while still incorporating childhood fun and, we are very pleased with the result!

Lime Green and Blue Nursery

Daniel’s Lime Green and Blue Nursery

A modern blue, chartreuse green and white baby boy’s nursery, with a touch of preppy pizzazz. Featuring a bold ikat patterned wallpaper, preppy stripes and lots of white accents – it’s a fun, yet calming space.
Check out more details in my In the Nursery with interview on the blog.


My Little Honey Nursery

Decorating my first baby’s room was so exciting! I wanted to create a space that could grow with my child. Something that would not have to be changed when she got older. I began with a pink and white as the base colors for the room. After that, I chose furnishings that would work in a small space, items that provided good storage and would stand the test of time. We wanted a room that would feel truly special to her. I hope she enjoys growing up in it! Sources and more pictures on my and my baby’s blog:


Aviator Bedroom

This was a very special room for my client, her son was finally done with his crib and it was time for a big boy bed! We wanted to make this a room that would be suitable for him throughout the years so we decided to go with a queen size bed.


Twin Nautical Nursery

We knew that we wanted to have a classic nursery that would fit for a boy and a girl, but we also wanted it to be a welcoming, bright, loving room. We started with our budget and worked to find or make each item so that it would fit within our budget. We love this room because it has the perfect combination of DIY touches and other classic accessories.