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A Golden Themed Nursery, Golden Retriever that Is

Today, I want to share the story behind one of my favorite projects—my son Noah’s Golden Retriever themed nursery, inspired by our beloved dog, Sadie. As a mom to two lively toddlers, I understand the art of balancing aesthetics with practicality for growing kiddos. Noah’s nursery became a labor of love, centered around a theme dear to our family’s heart.

Golden Retriever Themed Nursery Design
Checked Rug

I’m Alexa, the founder of Alexa at Home, a Northern Virginia-based interior designer specializing in crafting spaces that effortlessly blend beauty and functionality. 

Boy Nursery with Golden Retriever Wallpaper and Art
Golden Retriever Wallpaper | Crib | Golden Retriever Print 1Golden Retriever Print 2Wooden Frame | Black Picture Mats

While my design services range from full-home renovations to refreshing single rooms, my true passion is crafting personalized nurseries and kids’ spaces like Noah’s. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce my new Custom Nursery eDesign service, available to clients nationwide.

Nursery Shelfie with Dog Themed Nursery Decor
Wood Floating Shelves (similar) | Glass Jar Pacifier Storage | Wooden Rattle | Alphabet Print

When designing my own nursery, the inspiration really began with Sadie, our furry sidekick, who quickly became our first “baby” right after we said “I do.” Growing up with Goldens, my husband and I already had a soft spot for the breed, but Sadie took that love to a whole new level.

Boy's Dog Themed Nursery
Rocker | Acrylic Bookshelves | Scallop BasketsGolden Retriever Play Mat

When it came time to dream up Noah’s nursery, a chance scroll on social media led me to this adorable Golden Retriever wallpaper that felt like it was made just for us. So, I took a detour and decided to base the whole nursery around our girl, Sadie.

Nursery Design Board
 Flush Mount Light | Dog Rocker | Faux Olive Tree (similar)

Like all my designs, I started with a mood board. The Golden Retriever wallpaper quickly became the heart of the room, setting a playful yet timeless vibe. From there, I layered in all the cute “Golden” details.

Dog Themed Nursery Design
Dresser | Rattan Knobs | Wood Storage Bin

The trickiest part? Designing a room based on my deep love for Sadie but not knowing if Noah would feel the same way about her. Well, turns out, I had nothing to worry about. When Noah came into the world, their bond blossomed, and now, they’re inseparable. Seeing that special connection between them warms my mama heart.

Golden Retriever Themed Nursery with Sage Crib
Golden Retriever Wallpaper | Crib | Golden Retriever Print 2

Designing a nursery isn’t just about making things look pretty; it’s about creating a story that feels right for your family. For us, it’s the tale of a Golden Retriever who stole our hearts, inspiring a room filled with love. Noah’s nursery is proof that when design meets emotion, something magical happens. I feel incredibly blessed to have crafted a space where my son and his furry friend can make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Checked Rug in Boy's Dog Themed Nursery
Rocker (similar) | Checked Rug

And speaking of creating magic, I’m thrilled to offer you a piece of that with my new Custom Nursery eDesign service. If you’re ready to turn your nursery dreams into a reality, check out this personalized and expertly designed service. Let’s create a space filled with love, narrating your unique story. 

Traditional Rocker and Scallop Lined Wicker Baskets
Black Out Curtains | Curtain Rod | Shades

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