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A Sweet Strawberry Nursery

Oh my goodness, this strawberry nursery is so sweet! A strawberry themed nursery isn’t something we spot everyday, but we have to say that it’s an adorable one! Mama Kristen Crouch has, shall we say, picked just the right amount of strawberry decor details to complement the rest of this darling baby girl nursery design.

The sage green crib perfectly pairs with the muted pink of the strawberry wall decals, and you’ll find sweet moments in every corner of the room. Lucky for us, she’s shared all the details of her daughter Adelynn’s nursery below. You can also follow along with Kristen’s photography career on her website and on instagram. We’ll let her take it from here. Thank you, Kristen!

Strawberry Nursery for Baby Girl
Crib | Strawberry Decals | Rug | Light Fixture | Strawberry Basket | Glider | Ottoman

We were so excited to find out we were having a baby girl, and I immediately started thinking of nursery ideas. Being a photographer, the creative side of me is so in love with interior design—from coming up with unique ideas to watching a room come to life. I am not necessarily a “girly” girl, so I wanted Addie’s nursery to reflect a boho and sweet vibe.

Baby Girl Nursery Dresser and Gallery Wall
Changing Basket | Cat Mirror | Wildflower Banner (similar) | Cat Stacker | Daisy Shelf (similar)

Where did you pull inspiration for your nursery design?
The Beatles! I was playing some Beatles songs for my little boy one day and started drawing inspiration from the songs Here Comes the Sun and Strawberry Fields Forever. From there, I chose a color palette I loved and added some other fun elements to the space such as some kitties, daisies and butterflies.

Strawberry and Daisy Mobile
Strawberry Mobile | Crib | Strawberry Decals

What part of the design process did you enjoy the most?
I knew I wanted to do some sort of gallery wall above the changing table. I wanted it to be unique but still be on theme. I started by finding different print shops on Etsy and a few antique frames/prints. I added a wall planter last because I wanted some sort of greenery in her room. Just seeing all of those different elements come together was really cool.

Girls Nursery
Basinet Basket + Rocking Stand | Stuffed Animal Hammock

What is your favorite part or detail in your nursery?
I think the strawberry wall is such a showstopper, and I have never seen it done before so that is definitely one of my favorite features. Also, I love seeing all of the subtle strawberry details around the room to help elevate the fun wall even more.

Strawberry Themed Nursery
Flower Rug | Strawberry Purse | Wall Shelf
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    What is one thing that you would tell other parents to consider when starting their own nursery design project?
    Draw inspiration from uncommon places! Walk outside and see what your eyes are drawn to and go from there!

    Macrame Butterfly Wall Decor in Girls Nursery
    Macrame Butterflies
    Nursing Nook with Wall Bookshelves in Strawberry Nursery
    Glider | Ottoman | Side Table (similar) | Butterfly Pillow | Strawberry Plush

    Photography by Kristen Dee Photography

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