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Daisy Nursery Ideas: Wall Decals, Decor and More!

We can’t get enough of daisy nursery decor! So we’ve curated daisy decor from every corner of the design market—from daisy wall decals and wallpaper, to daisy room accessories and even daisy themed furniture—so you can add this nursery trend to your life!

@abbi__myers Daisy Toddler Room with Daisy Wall Decals
Toddler Room by @abbi__myers featuring Large Daisy Wall Decal Set (with Clay Brown Centers)

It’s no wonder parents have fallen in love with daisies. The friendly flower has both a natural and retro vibe making it the perfect companion to any boho space. The whimsical nature of the daisy is a natural fit for any nursery and kids design.

Daisy Wall Decals

Our best-selling daisy wall decals look adorable in every room we see them in. Pick a whimsical daisy, a realistic daisy, large or small, the choice is up to you. Many of the options below also come in a variety of color options as well. The two right below can be customized for petal color and center color. Click the links in the captions to see all the options.

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    Daisy Nursery Photo by @kaylafletcherphotography
    Nursery Photo by @kaylafletcherphotography

    While our daisy wall decals are definitely popular, there are lots of other ways to incorporate daisies into your nursery, playroom or big kid room.

    Daisy Wall Shelf

    How sweet are these daisy wall shelves? They make the perfect addition to your daisy nursery or just a pop of floral in an otherwise neutral space.

    Daisy Wallpaper

    If you have your heart set on a whole field of daisies to fill your nursery or kids room, wallpaper will give you the most coverage. The daisy bloom wallpaper comes in even more color options than the two listed below.

    Camilla Daisy Wallpaper in Girls Room
    Daisy Wallpaper
    Camilla Floral Wallpaper
    Camilla Wallpaper

    Daisy Storage Bins

    Storage bins are a mom’s best friend when it comes to kids spaces—easy access for the kids and quick pickup for the parents. Make it a daisy storage basket to bring a little extra something cute to your nursery organization.

    Daisy Wall Decor

    Daisy baby bedding and baby blankets are an easy way to incorporate a trend into your nursery space without a big commitment.

    Daisy Swaddle Blankets

    Daisy Crib Sheets

    Daisy Toddler Room with Daisy Wall Decals
    Toddler Room by @briony.kasper.quinn featuring Daisy Wall Decal Set

    Daisy Pillows

    Okay, so the first daisy below is technically a stuffed animal, but gosh, it would look so cute as a daisy throw pillow in a nursery glider!

    Daisy Drawer Pulls + Dresser

    The carved dresser below is gorgeous and would transition easily from a nursery (just add a changing tray topper) to a big girls space. You could also transform any nursery dresser by swapping the knobs with these sweet daisy drawer pulls (check your dresser first to see if these knobs will work!).

    Even if you aren’t creating a daisy nursery, there are lots of other ways to incorporate this trend. Give the gift of a daisy teether, daisy bib or even a daisy sleeper to bring a little cheer.

    Daisy Teethers

    Daisy Baby Clothes + Accessories

    Daisy Bibs

    What do you think of the daisy nursery decor trend? Will you be adding daisies to your kids room design?

    Daisy Nursery Decor

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      Purely Paper Flowers

      Saturday 10th of June 2023

      "Wow, what a delightful blog post! I absolutely adore the idea of incorporating daisies into nursery decor. Their cheerful and innocent charm can truly create a serene and whimsical atmosphere for any little one. The tips and ideas shared here are fantastic and provide a great starting point for parents-to-be like me.

      I particularly loved the suggestion of using daisy-themed wall decals or wallpaper to add a playful touch to the nursery. The versatility of daisies allows for endless creativity, and it's wonderful to see how they can be integrated into mobiles, bedding, and even art prints. The soft, pastel color palette mentioned in the post sounds like the perfect choice for creating a calming and nurturing environment.

      As I read through this post, it reminded me of my own childhood and the joy I experienced when surrounded by nature-inspired decor. The sentimental value of daisies, along with their timeless appeal, makes them an ideal choice for a nursery that will grow with the child.

      Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas and inspiration. This blog post has definitely sparked my creativity, and I can't wait to start planning and decorating my own daisy-themed nursery. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for more inspiring posts from your blog. Keep up the fantastic work!"


      Thursday 11th of May 2023

      My mom loves daisies so much that I have daisy wall decals all over the walls of my living room.