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2023 Nursery Trends to Inspire You

Rolling out our 2023 nursery trends predictions for the coming year ahead is one of our favorite annual traditions. The past three years have been a pretty wild ride, so when we noticed an overarching feeling of a return to the classics in the nursery, we were delighted. The 2023 nursery trends to watch are all about renewal, brightening things up and just simply choosing decor that makes you feel good inside. We are all in on these easy breezy vibes, how about you? 

Organic Shapes + Rounded Edges. In 2022, we embraced the curves as one of our lead trend predictions for nursery furniture and this year this trend is going one step further with the addition of more organic shapes and rounded edges. This time around we are seeing soft edges in unexpected ways like shelving, ottomans and more. 

Wall Arch with Rounded Edge Shelf
Boho Desert Nursery by rosejane20
2023 Nursery Trends: Rounded Edges - Nursery Dresser
Leoni’s Nursery Reveal by andreagrbic_
Rounded Edge Bookshelf in Nursery
Boho Woodland Nursery by Maison Ellie Interiors

Well, isn’t that just Peachy. Boho beige has been reigning supreme over the last couple of years, but don’t be surprised to see a slightly warmer and brighter shade start pushing its way into nurseries —peach. If you are looking for something a little moodier, you might like a muddy mauve instead.

Traditional Peach Nursery
Sweet as a Peach Nursery by @charm_custom_interiors
Boho Nursery with Peach Dresser
Nursery by @helloo_kailey
Twin Nursery with Mauve Ceiling
Twin Nursery by @anne_made_ featuring Black Lolly Cribs
Half Painted Wall with Botanical Wall Decals in Nursery
Nursery by @mollyelizabethharris featuring Watercolor Leaves Wall Decals

Checkerboard. Already poppin’ off in the world of home design with many home furnishing brands coming out with checkerboard decor and rugs, we love this iconic pattern because it screams cool.

Big Kids Room with Checked Rug
Room by @zoeannc

Checked Wallpaper in Girl's Room - 2023 Design Trends
Rhea Wallpaper by Thread Mama
Checked Poufs and Rugs

Colored Cribs. Just like a white kitchen, a white crib will always remain a classic—full stop. But if you’ve never been one to play it safe, consider a colored crib for the nursery. From statement making forest green to its much subtler cousin, sage, colored cribs are making headlines in 2023.  

Green Crib in Girl's Nursery with Wildflower Wallpaper
Wildflower Nursery by jenniwatson614

Duck, Duck, GOOSE! Old MacDonald may have owned the farm, but the nursery is where the animals come to play. In particular, the goose is trending in nurseries, but we’re welcoming all of our farm animal friends to the party. This quintessential nursery theme has stood the test of time and is ready for another, ahem, hayday.

2023 Nursery Trends: Goose Wall Decals with Rounded Bookshelf
Nursery by @annika.suzanne featuring Goose Wall Decal Set
Duck Wallpaper in Nursery
Nursery by @playspretty featuring Daffy Wallpaper
Goose Decals in Boy's Nursery
Nursery by @hillarymeadows⁠ featuring Goose Wall Decal Set

Mushrooms. Are you team fungi or is it a hard pass? We like to think this cute veggie gives off magical woodland, fairy tale vibes. Showing up on wallpaper, wall decals, toys and layette, the mushroom is our choice as the sleeper hit of the year.

2023 Nursery Trends: Mushroom Outline Wall Decals in Boy's Room
Boy’s Room by @carriemshaw featuring Mushroom Outline Wall Decals
Enchanted Forest Wallpaper with Woodland Animals and Mushrooms
Woodland Wonders Wallpaper
Mushroom Baskets
Mama and Baby Mushroom Baskets
Cute Mushroom Wall Decals
Mushroom Decal Set

Wallpaper as Art. Frame your wallpaper with wall molding to create a unique look (and perhaps a smaller price tag). Or carefully place your wall decals to create a wall mural that’s totally a one of a kind. 

2023 Nursery Trends: Framed Wallpaper
Nursery by @rachelnarowski featuring Hua Trees Wallpaper
Framed Wallpaper in Girl's Nursery
Nursery by @anne.marie.duke featuring Lolly Crib
Framed Flower Wallpaper in Girl's Room
Nursery by Alexa at Home featuring the Abigail 3-in-1 Crib
Framed Botanical Wallpaper in Boy's Nursery - 2023 Nursery Trends
Nursery by @housetohomediydesign featuring Botanical Foliage Wallpaper

Wall Decal Borders. These aren’t your early ‘90s wallpaper borders with granny patterns and pastel colors. We’re talking everything from playful rainbows all lined up to dramatic flowers hanging from the ceiling. We’re especially loving the free form cut edge that can be accomplished with wall decals or wallpaper. 

Neutral Rainbow Decal Border
Rainbow Border Wall Decal Set (Choose Your Color)
Fern Decals on Ceiling Edge
Serene Jungle Nursery by Rehana Itwaru
Colorful Rainbow Border Wall Decal
Rainbow Border Wall Decal Set

Texture, Texture and More Texture. “Nubby” fabrics have been trending for a few years now, and it seems that we are going to continue to see texture stay for 2023 as well. Think boucle gliders, sherpa blankets, chunky pillows and natural fiber rugs for that layered, lived-in look. 

2023 Nursery Trends - Texture in the Nursery
Surfer Girl Nursery by Tay Fusco Design
Shop Boucle
    Pink Boucle Chair in Nursery
    Boho Woodland Nursery by Maison Ellie Interiors

    Vintage Classics. If you love a good flea market and like to hit those antique shows, 2023 is gonna be lit! While it’s not safe to use a vintage crib, we have plenty of cribs that combine the safety of today with that vintage inspired style you love. Pair with darker wood tones (coming back strong this year) or even a true vintage dresser to complete the look.

    Dark Pink Accent Wall with Vintage Inspired Crib
    Nursery by @farmcoasthome⁠ featuring Winston Crib
    Dark Dresser in Boy's Nursery
    Neutral Western Nursery by jestoner3

    Big Dino Energy. If you’ve found this blog post, chances are you follow us on Instagram so you already know that we love to poll our followers to find out what products they are most excited about. A recent favorite? The dinosaur! Though a popular pick amongst boy mamas, we think these feisty prehistoric creatures can totally be gender neutral. 

    Cute Dinosaur Wallpaper in Nursery
    Nursery by @mrscarr_⁠ featuring Tyran Wallpaper
    Dinosaur Wallpaper in Nursery
    Nursery by @itsannamariepalmer featuring Classic Dino Wallpaper
    Large Dino Wall Decals in Toddler Room
    Dinosaur Toddler Room by Alice Eck featuring Rex Decal Set

    Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do. Last year we called out a return to all things retro in the nursery with groovy prints and retro furniture, but it was the daisy who became the standout winner in the category. Check out The Project Nursery Shop to spot daisy wall decals, wallpapers and cute crib sheets are featuring this sweet, feminine motif.

    2023 Nursery Trends: Large Daisy Wall Decals
    Toddler Room by @abbi__myers featuring Large Daisy Wall Decal Set (with Clay Brown Centers)
    Small Daisy Wall Decals
    Toddler Room by @briony.kasper.quinn featuring Daisy Wall Decal Set
    Daisy Wallpaper in Girl's Room
    Camilla Wallpaper

    Little Houses Everywhere. Believe it or not, we’re spotting little houses popping up in children’s designs and we love it! Quaint cottages, bustling townhouses or elegant Victorians all look equally adorable in a kid’s space.

    Nursery with House Wall Art
    Liv’s Modern Dwellings Nursery by Julianna
    House Wall Decals
    Village House Wall Decal Set
    Townhouse Wall Mural in Playroom by interiorswithbloom
    Playroom by @interiorswithbloom featuring Madeline Wall Mural

    Siena’s Parisian Playroom by Brittany Shimansky

    Will you be using any of our predicted 2023 nursery trends in your own rooms? Or will you be starred a trendsetter in 2024? Don’t forget to upload your nurseries and big kid rooms to our Real Room Gallery so we can feature them in future blog posts and on our social media. We truly can’t wait to see all of your beautiful room designs. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for year round nursery and children’s room design inspiration!

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