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A Boy’s Dream Bedroom and a Playroom with Indoor Fort!

Talented designer Vanessa Antonelli is back to share two dream spaces she designed for one lucky boy! First we’ll get a peek at his cool, modern blue and gray boys room and then we’ll tour his awesome playroom, featuring an indoor fort and swing! Thank you, Vanessa, we’ll let you take it from here.

The journey from baby room to big kid room is a totally different experience than the nursery design process. Nursery design is usually done before the baby is born, and every item is carefully chosen to create a special place to bring the baby home to. The style, feel and pieces are all selected based on the parents’ preferences. Then just a few years later that baby becomes a child with a distinct personality and tons of opinions that he isn’t afraid to give. So, yeah…it’s definitely safe to say the two design processes are totally different experiences.

Modern Cool Boys Blue and Gray Boys Room

In this case, my tiny client loves the color blue. It’s his favorite color to wear, favorite crayon to use and the only color he wanted to see in his big boy bedroom. As someone who has two children of her own, I am very aware that this request was non-negotiable—at least if I knew what was best for me. 

Modern Blue and Gray Boys Room with Acrylic Accents

As you can see, we were able to create a space that accommodated his love for blue, but also gave mom a little of what she wanted—a cool and modern space that he could have for many years to come, which included a homework desk and a trundle for future sleepovers or extra storage. 

Neon Sign in Modern Blue and Gray Boys Room

It’s really extra special to me when a space can make my clients happy but also features elements that I personally love. For me, this room’s standouts are the painted mouldings (black), a faux white turf wall (behind the bed) and lots of acrylic (the desk, chair, book ledges and frame for cars).

Sometimes the weather in the northeast can be prohibitive of outdoor play, and while NYC has so many amazing parks, it isn’t the same experience for a child as having a backyard or their own swing set. This family wanted to make sure that their location didn’t stop their son from having active and imaginative play all year round, and that’s why there is now a custom playhouse and swing in their apartment. Underneath the playhouse is a cozy reading nook with a Lego wall and there’s even a dress up station because we can always get on board with attractive and functional storage.

Playroom with Indoor Fort and Swing

I always believe in adding adult seating to playrooms. Kids are only small enough for tiny tables for a short time, so the big furniture will be used for a longer time, and I want to the family to use the playroom as a space where everyone can gather, whether it’s to observe, get into the play or work on art projects.

Playroom with Indoor Fort and Swing with Acrylic Table

If you’re lucky enough to have a room with large windows that you want to cover for privacy, think of it as your fourth wall and an opportunity for something great. In this space, we found a bold zigzag fabric that was an integral part of the design. 

Photography by Chris Veith