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Make a Festive Candy-themed Holiday Wreath in Under 10 Minutes!

I’ll let you in on a little secret—I just made the easiest holiday wreath I’ve ever made, and it didn’t require any glue, tape, scissors tools. AND, I made it in under 10 minutes!

Are you hosting a gingerbread house decorating party or a kids cookie decorating party? Create this simple, quick and festive candy-coated wreath to add some fun to your holiday event. Keep reading to see how I spent only 10 minutes making this wreath.

Festive Holiday Candy Wreath

First, I purchased this white grapevine/twig wreath at Michael’s to start.

White Grapevine Wreath

At the same time, I also purchased some holiday “picks” in a fun and festive color palette that would match my Gingerbread House Decorating Party. I found fimo lollipops, glitter balls, gingerbread men, glitter berries, and other festive seasonal decor in my color scheme. To get inspired on throwing a Gingerbread House Decorating party of your own, you can use my party and printables as a place to start!

Purchase a variety of Holiday and seasonal "picks" to match your party theme!

I started by wrapping a coiled bell garland with pink and aqua bells and glitter balls. It’s on a white wire, so you can just keep wrapping it around your grapevine wreath. You can secure and tighten the garland around the vines. No tools needed!

Wrap the coiled bell garland around the white grapevine wreath

Once your coiled bell garland is wrapped all the way around your wreath, it will look like this picture below. You may need to move and adjust parts of the garland so they are on the front part of the wreath, and it’s visually balanced.

Wrap coiled bell garland all the way around the wreath

Then I started adding in and alternating more of the other seasonal picks such as these white glitter berries into the wreath. Again, I used no glue, no wire, no tape—NOTHING! The white grapevines hold the wired stems of these picks in the wreath so well.

White glitter berry picks

After I added the white glitter berries, I also added in some bigger pink and aqua glitter balls to add in something a bit larger to the wreath. Again, this helps to balance out the wreath proportionately.

Alternate sizes of decorative "picks" inside the wreath!

To finish off my candy-themed holiday wreath, I added in fimo clay gingerbread men with candy canes and pastel swirled lollipops scattered throughout. I saved these items for the very last as the are the focal points of the wreath.

Add in Gingerbread Men and Lollipops!

There you have it! My fun and festive candy holiday wreath I made in less than 10 minutes using NO tools! I hope you will enjoy a fun-filled holiday season with a gorgeous wreath on your front door!

Enjoy your festive Holiday Candy-themed wreath for years to come!

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