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Santa Baby, Forgot to Mention One Little Thing—a Ring

Are you like me and dread when someone asks you what you want for Christmas or Hanukkah? Not only am I trying to think of gifts for my entire family, I’m also helping extended family with ideas for presents for my three kids. I love finding things that my family will treasure, but by the time I start thinking about myself, I’ve got major present burnout.

So let’s make things simple. I know a lot of mamas who would be very happy to get a little something sparkly this Christmas. But maybe instead of adding to an extensive collection of inexpensive, costume pieces, you could ask for that one quality fine jewelry piece that you are really dying to have but always felt like too much of a splurge.

Team Project Nursery spotted this Kaleidoscope Quadricolor Ring and fell hard. Rainbow is totally on trend right now, as is rose gold. This ring is a single band of approximately 36 rainbow saturated sapphires and precious stones set in solid gold. It’s a perfect stacking companion to your everyday rings, and mixing metals is on trend, too. Hint: Any mama of a rainbow baby would find this ring especially meaningful.

Aurate Kaleidoscope Quadricolor Ring - Jewelry Gift Ideas

Stackable bracelets are an easy way to add some sparkle and shine to your outfit while still staying casual. We love the idea of adding a new bracelet for each of your babies. These pretty gemstone bracelets look great together, and the gold bead bracelets feature a single diamond bead and look lovely solo or in a group, depending on your style. Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

Karen Lazar Design Bracelets - Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mom

Jennifer Fisher’s gold hoops have been spotted on celebrities left and right. Have you been wishing for a pair of your own? Add them to your list!

Jennifer Fisher Gold Hoops

What about these super trendy Mini Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings? Love these because they are small and close to the ear, but the sparkle still makes them special.

Do you love mom jewelry as much as we do? It’s practically a rite of passage of motherhood at this point. We love this sweet Mom necklace from our shop—perfect for a mom or a mom-to-be.

Gold Mom Necklace - Mom Jewelry

What are you asking for this holiday? Do you have any really special presents you’re hoping for? Comment below and let us know! Maybe you’ll help me out with my own list.

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