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A Car Seat that can Work from Infancy to Elementary

You guys know I love Nuna by now, right? We’ve used a number of their products in our home, and when my daughter was born, the Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat was my #1 choice. So when I heard about the Nuna Exec, a new convertible car seat that also transitions into a belt positioning booster, I raised my hand immediately at the chance to review one.

Nuna Exec Convertible Carseat Transitions to a Seatbelt Positioning Booster
Fits Three Across in Most Mid-Size Vehicles

I’m pleased to say that the Nuna Exec is everything I hoped it would be. Easy to install, easy to use on a day to day basis and my two-year-old daughter seems to be super comfortable in it.

Nuna Exec Convertible Carseat Transitions to a Seatbelt Positioning Booster

Some of the perks that I love about this car seat, besides its awesome longevity (from 5 – 120lbs!) and safety features, are the luxury fabrics, adjustable leg rest and magnetic harness keepers. The first thing I noticed was just how nice the Exec feels to the touch. The flame retardant-free fabric feels great to my fingers, so I know my daughter will be more comfortable in it. It comes with TWO infant inserts—one in Merino wool and one in GOTS™ certified organic cotton. So whether you have a fabric preference or you just need a backup, I think it’s amazing that two are included. I definitely could have used that for all of my babies, who put their car seats to the test with multiple spit ups. It also comes with a machine washable slip cover that covers the foot rest and underneath your kiddo’s bottom. It’s easy to remove and throw in the wash for a quick cleanup without having to uninstall the carseat. We’ve already put it to the test!

Nuna Exec Convertible Car Seat with Merino Wool Infant Insert

The adjustable leg rest also functions as an anti-rebound panel in rear-facing mode, and in forward-facing it gives your kiddo additional leg room/support. This is key in keeping one seat comfortable for your child as he or she grows.

Nuna Exec's Adjustable Leg Rest also Functions as an Anti-Rebound Panel when Rear-facing

I find the day to day buckling to be very easy with the Exec. The magnetic harness keepers keep the buckles out of the way when placing your child in the seat. The hip pads work great for my daughter. In her previous convertible car seat, it always seemed like the belts were cutting into her legs, but with the Exec’s hip pads that doesn’t seem to be a problem for her anymore. And I never have trouble with twisted shoulder straps.

Nuna Exec Convertible Car Seat

Installation was simple and smooth for me. There’s no bubble level to mess with, the seat clicks in place into eight different recline options, and it clearly states which ones you should select from if you are installing the seat rear-facing or forward-facing. Nuna recommends you use the vehicle seatbelt for installation, and that’s my preferred method, too. After you’ve threaded the seatbelt through the noted path, Nuna’s True tension™ doors make sure everything is tight and secure without you having to manhandle the seat.

Nuna Exec Convertible Car Seat Converts to Seatbelt Positioning Booster

The seat is pricey, but it has great features and can last up to when your child is 120 lbs. With today’s car seat recommendations, kids use car seats/boosters way longer than you did. There are other convertible car seats that convert to boosters but still use the five point harness. In my experience, your big kid is going to be so excited to be able to use the actual seatbelt with this seat once they are old enough, and you will be happy that the seatbelt is kept safely positioned on your child. Features like luxe fabrics and the washable slipcover will help to keep the seat looking good for the long haul.

The Nuna Exec is available exclusively at Nordstrom in two color options. You can read more details about the Nuna Exec on their website.

Product sample was received but all opinions are my own.

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