What’s Trending in the Nursery this Week: Tight Patterned Wallpaper

We’re noticing a pattern! A tight pattern, that is—in wallpaper! These close patterned wallpapers give an overall beautiful effect on first glance, and they pull you into the space to see all the intricacies and details second. We’re loving the magical vibe they give, whether using botanicals, florals or a more graphic pattern. See what else was trending this week below—you’ll find posts and items from the Project Nursery world, including some of the most favorited, liked, pinned, registered for, and purchased items from the shop and posts so you can stay in the know. Have a beautiful weekend!

Baby Keepsake Box

Baby Keepsake Box

Popular Pick on MyRegistry

Did you know that The Project Nursery Shop is a part of MyRegistry? That means you can add anything from our shop to your baby registry!

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