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Back to School DIY Brown Bag Banner

August means back-to-school month for many of us, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who start after Labor Day. I wanted to get my house in the “Back-to-School” spirit, so I made this SUPER easy DIY brown bag banner that didn’t require scissors, glue or tape! It’s also a great project for little hands to help out with!

DIY Back to School Lunch Sack Banner

Materials: brown lunch sacks, clothespins, twine, some old tissue paper (color doesn’t matter) and some 4″ tall large letter stickers. I chose brightly colored ones, but you could do all black or white if you’d like.

Gather your supplies - no glue or tape needed!

For my banner, I spelled out the phrase “BACK TO SCHOOL.” But you could spell out whatever phrase you like! I centered each letter on the front the sack about 1″ from the bottom of the bag. Each bag also has a vertical seam in it, which helps when trying to center each letter.

Place your sticky letters on the front of each bag

Since I was using a mix of colorful letters, I made sure to alternate them accordingly so that I didn’t have two of the same color next to each other.

Make sure to space out your colors if using multi-color letters

Next, I opened up the lunch sack so that it had a flat bottom. Then, I used about half a sheet of old tissue paper to crunch into a ball to make the sack look “full.” This also helped the bag not to collapse when I hung it on my twine.

Fill each sack with 1/2 sheet of wadded up tissue paper

Then, I folded the top of the lunch sack down three times and secured it with a clothespin.

Fold the sack down three times and secure with a clothespin

Do the same thing to the remaining lunch sacks, making sure that they are all relatively the same height.

Fold all the sacks down and secure them with clothespins

Clip each sack to the twine that you’ve just strung. You don’t even need glue or tape!

Hang twine and clip your lunch sacks to it - no glue needed!

Depending upon your space or phrase, you may need to make two rows like I did. Be sure to space out the bags equally.

Space the bags out so that each row is even!

And there you have it—your super simple, no-mess ‘Back-to-School” banner! It will be the perfect backdrop for those first day of school photos and more!!

 DIY Brown Bag Banner

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