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Mermaid Inspired Nursery Design with Boho Flair

You know what’s fun? Working on a nursery e-design that for a client who wanted touches of lavender, green and mermaids. I’ve been designing nurseries for 11 years, and I can count on one hand the times I’ve been asked for mermaids. Surprising, right? So you can guess how excited I was so use them, even just as a little accent, in this new nursery e-design.

My client wanted the nursery to feel fresh and breezy with lots of whites and neutrals. She loved lavender, green and blue, and she wanted those touches around the room but not everywhere. Her home was on the modern side, so she wanted to mix things up in the nursery and add some more bohemian touches.

Lavender Mermaid Nursery E-DesignWhite Dresser | White Crib | Modern Glider | Rattan Ottoman | Bookcase | Side Table | Ceiling FixtureWreath Decal | Custom Blackout Curtains | Purple Throw Pillow | White Heart Pillow | White Cloud Rug | Mermaid Mobile  Neutral Rug | Seafoam Green Blanket | Rattan Wall Mirror | Abstract Mountains Art | Lavender Macrame Hanging

When designing this space, I kept a balance of modern and bohemian pieces. The crib, dresser, bookcase and glider are all on the modern side, but then I mixed in rattan and woven textures like the ottoman, wall mirror and macrame wall hanging.

This room wasn’t huge, but my client did want to try and add a small spot for reading and snuggling. I chose the super cozy cloud rug with some throw pillows to create a small but intimate spot just for that. I’ve used that cloud rug in tons of designs, and it is by far one of the most popular items—it can go in the washing machine!

One of my favorite finds for this nursery was the storage side table. That canvas bin is actually built into the table, so it fits perfectly. When designing small spaces, I always try to find any extra storage space, even if it’s small.

Of course, you’ll see the tiny mermaid touches in the lamp and mobile. Combined with her already existing stuffed animals and toys, it’s just the right amount of mermaid!

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