The Evolution of a Playroom

One of our joys here at Project Nursery is getting to watch families grow up. Sometimes we see each new nursery as a new baby is added to the family, or sometimes we get to see a nursery transition into a big kid room. In this case, we get to see how a playroom can evolve and grow with a child thanks to one very creative mama.

First we saw the playroom set up preschool style with different zones for different activities for her daughter.

This little kitchen space is perfect for a tiny chef just starting her culinary adventures.

Art supplies are safely tucked into their own containers but still left in plain sight for when inspiration strikes.

A year later, the playroom was updated to better suit her growing daughter.

When your child is a little older, you can organize crayons and colored pencils out in the open for easier access.

The tiny plastic kitchen got an upgrade to a sweet little IKEA kitchen with special details.

Then the playroom got an upgrade that we love—bringing a playhouse indoors!

The little kitchen moved inside and more storage was added for a full kitchen experience.

The latest update is even simpler than the rest. Sometimes all it takes to get renewed interest in a space is a little reorganization!

While the playhouse is used a little less often, it still lives there but now in its own nook with a sweet little cafe setup next to it.

We love these ideas for how to make a space keep working for you as your child gets older. Don’t be afraid to do small updates along the way to keep your child engaged. Thank you to mama, Shannon, for sharing all these great ideas! You can see more of her projects here.

Evolution of a Playroom


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    Thank you so much for this sweet feature on our playroom! I have enjoyed being able to share the changes with the Project Nursery community over the years.

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    Adorable playroom!! Where are the holders for the crayons and colored pencils from?

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    Hi Michelle, It’s just the two KALLAX shelving units (from IKEA) that were in the previous room shots pushed together.

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    This article was such an inspiration! Thanks Shannon!
    Could you share where the table and chair set is from? Thanks!

  16. 17
  17. 18

    I am actually looking for the frames that you used! Thank you for the inspiration! I just made a “play room” for my granddaughter from your ideas!

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    Hi there. Got some awesome ideas from this. Looking for a circular rug like this. Where did this come from?

  25. 26

    Where is the small square table and stool from? Looking for something small for a small space for my adopted grand daughter, I am trying to fix up her room since parents can’t. Thank you

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  29. 31

    Hi, where did you buy your white table and chair also do you have link for the crayons holders and book shelves? Thank you for your time. God Bless You!

  30. 32

    Hi there. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful room I’m so excited for the inspiration you have given me. Where did you get the kitchen set from?

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  34. 36

    Hi, what a beautiful room. I cant seem to find the white square table with stool, could you please share the link.

  35. 37

    I was also wondering, how big is this room. Everything looks nice and doesnt seem over crowded.

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  37. 39

    Hello! I love everything!!!
    I am also curious what is the size of the room?
    Also- what gives the windows that adorable pink and blue tint???

  38. 40

    Is the table and stool from ikea? Ive looked and found sundvik looks very similar but the tabletop looks different 2 whats in your picture. Did you paint it or something? Thanks. Sammy.

  39. 41

    Is the table and stool from IKEA? Ive seen 1 (table) and its called sundvik, looks very similar 2 yours in the picture apart from the tabletop. Did you paint it? Thanks. Sammy.

  40. 42

    Hi Sammy, The owner of the playroom lists the table as the Sundvik. And I believe the stool is the Flisat painted white. But it’s possible that at the time of purchase, IKEA offered a white version.

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    I LOVE this! Just bought the Kallax cube storage. Where did you find the piece to go in the corner between the two cube storage shelves?

  43. 45

    Hi Natalie, She just overlapped the shelves, so you can see she actually loses one section of shelves to achieve this look (one has three showing and one has four).

  44. 46


    The playroom is adorable! Where did you get the navy blue wicker baskets? They look great for storing toys!

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