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This Luxurious Girl’s Room will Give You Serious Room Envy

Alright, readers, get ready for this one. Designer Vanessa Antonelli is giving us the inside scoop on the most luxurious girl’s room. Ballet barre? Swing? There are so many special moments in this space. While not everyone may be planning a child’s room as grand as this one, the room is bursting with inspiration you could easily apply in your own kiddo’s space. And believe me when I say you’ll have to pick your chin up off the floor when you see the closet. Wowzers! Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing with us. I’ll let you take it from here!

Designer Vanessa Antonelli in Luxurious Girl's Room

This family wanted an all white, girly but fun room. I love color, so when I heard all white and neutral, I had a moment of panic. I’m always looking for the fun factor and items that no one else has. Last year, there was a huge trend of swings in kids spaces. My client saw other projects I had completed and wanted one of their own.

Luxurious Girl's Room

Luxurious Girl's Room Custom Neon Sign

You don’t hire a designer to copy someone else. I needed to find a way to give that to them but make it really special. It had to be unique and all their own. I was working on a totally different project and incorporating a custom chair when the light bulb went off. It was my very own “a-ha” moment. I said let’s have a custom chair made with no feet…into a swing. Always think outside the box! Do the unexpected. See fun through a child’s eyes. You will be shocked how the ideas flow when you put yourself in this mindset.

Luxurious Girl's Room Custom Chair Swing

Luxurious Girl's Room Play and Seating Area

The round room off the main bedroom was a huge challenge. The parents designed the home specifically to have this room, but then weren’t sure what to do with it. We went back and forth for some time trying to decide if we should put a two story playhouse in there, a built-in window seat or a dress up area. Ultimately all of those ideas lost and a sitting/play area won out because of longevity and practicality. It’s easy to get carried away, and sometimes we have to reel ourselves in and ask the basic questions again.

Luxurious Girl's Room Play and Seating Area

Ballet Barre in Luxurious Girl's Room

Custom Swing in Luxurious Girl's Room

This room has so many special elements. I obviously love the closet. Who wouldn’t?

Custom Closet in Girl's Room

I also really pushed hard for the cluster of three lights hung at alternating heights. Most people’s first instinct would be to choose a single chandelier, but I wanted to fill the unusually tall ceiling with something less expected that would feel magical and it totally does!

Photography by Lezelli Studios

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