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This DIY Photo Frame Ornament is Perfect for Baby’s First Christmas

Oh, it’s that time of the year again. Bring on the hot chocolate, the fancy wrapping paper, and all the wishes for Santa. Last weekend we decorated our Christmas tree, and the house is now officially ready for Christmas. So with Christmas décor in sight, I had the idea of creating a DIY photo frame ornament using leather scraps from the pencil pouch project we did a couple of months ago. This cute triangle photo ornament was super easy to make, and it looks adorable hanging on the Christmas Tree.

DIY Photo Frame OrnamentMATERIALS: Gather your photos, leather, x-acto knife, black string, and brass stud.

Start the project by measuring and cutting a 2 x 2 x 2 inch triangle. Then, measure 3.75 inches to cut the border around the triangle window.

DIY Photo Frame Ornament

Place the triangle piece on top of your photographs to trace your paper. After tracing the paper, cut to size and glue the paper onto the leather.

DIY Photo Frame Ornament

To finish it off, make a hole on the leather and attach the brass stud. Lastly, wrap the black string around it and hang it.

DIY Photo Frame Ornament

This cute modern-looking ornament can be made is just a few minutes.

DIY Photo Frame Ornament

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